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Hi there! My name is Margaret and I have COPD. My latest check in January was 49% which I gather puts me in the severe category

My biggest problem is I am finding it very difficult to stop smoking. Last year I stopped for 5 months then started again for 2 months then stopped again for 3 months then started again for two months. Stopped again six weeks ago but now I,m into my third day of smoking again. I know it is very important that I stop smoking for good. Has anybody got any tips how to stay of the ciggies for good. I hate myself at the moment and feel so despondent. HELP

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Hi Margaret, I am in the severe stage of copd also. Re the smoking, lots of people on here have been, or are in the same position as you, myself included. One thing for sure you will get loads of support and advice here on tap. It will be 2 years on the first of April since I stopped and it was the patches that finally did it for me. My friend stopped on Christmas eve with the gum, we are all different. Most have a stop start period but it is important that you keep on trying. Have you got a smoking cessation group at your G.P's you could use. Don't be afraid to ask for help good luck. :)

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Hi Margaret, at 49% you are only just into severe, but if you give up smoking now you probably find you will slip back to moderate. You must give up smoking before it's too late. I'm around 20% but was stupid, I didn't give up smoking until 3 years ago when I was literally on my last legs, and my breathing improved a great deal. I can't emphasise enough how much you need to stop smoking, if I can prevent one person being disabled to the point I am now then it's worth it. I used lozenges, I believe now that doctors say you can use two forms of nicotine replacement at once, but you'd need to check on this before doing it. Use any method possible, but using nicotine replacement means you are still addicted to nicotine so if you can do it without then that's even better. I hope you don't think this reply is a bit "sharp", just hope it will help you give up! Good luck! Libby

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Thank you for the advice libby and gilly. Whenever I have given up I did so "cold turkey" so its not the physical craving that causes me to relight but rather the mental. My biggest problem when I stop is that I constantly think about ciggies. I wont however give up trying to stop and hopefully I will eventually win the battle.


Welcome Margaret, many have struggled to get off and stay off the smoking. Take help from the practice nurses at your surgery, I was cynical to start with but they are great.

Patches along with a spray, I am now a good 6 weeks in and there is not a thing anyone could do to make me ever pick up a cig again.

As Libby said, you are only just in the severe stage and without being brutal, you really need to make a choice here. If you don't give them up, your lung function will deteriorate quickly and what you lose, you cant ever get back by giving up, when it's gone, it's gone for good.

COPD is one of those illnesses where all the medication in the world wont help you unless you do what you need to do and the single most important thing to stop the progression is to give up smoking. You know you can do it, you already have.

They say once you give up, you don't lose lung function any quicker than you would if you did not have COPD so take what we have said seriously, 2 years down the track, wishing you had stopped wont help and you just cant get any of the lost lung function back.

I wanted to stop the patches but I am advised not to as taken over the 12 weeks, apparently increases the chance of long term not smoking. Even if you kept using sprays, gum or lozenges for a long long time, it is not the nicotine that is the real problem, it is the deadly chemicals that they put into the cigerettes so try the replacement therapy and its available on prescription.

I think I have read it somewhere but it is true, giving up smoking is the most effective thing you can do to stop the progression, giving up is the best thing I ever did and I am a non smoker now. You will also find this group very supportive and help you through the tough times too.

If I sound harsh, I don't mean to, like Libby, desperate that you do what is needed so you have a chance to stop the progression as soon as you can

Good luck Margaret, let us know how you are getting on




Ever Wonder What Happens to Your

Body the Moment You Stop Smoking?

Within 20 minutes of smoking that last cigarette, the body begins a series of changes that continues for years.



* Blood pressure drops to normal.

* Pulse rate drops to normal.

Body temperature of hands and feet increases to normal.


* Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal.


Oxygen level in blood increases to normal.


* Chance of heart attack decreases.


* Nerve endings start regrowing.


Ability to smell and taste is enhanced.


* Circulation improves.


* Walking becomes easier.

Lung function increases up to 30%.

Breathe Fresh E-Cigs


* Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath decrease.


* Cilia regrow in lungs, increasing ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce infection.

Body's overall energy increases.


* Excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker.


* Lung cancer death rate for average smoker (one pack a day) decreases by almost half.


* Stroke risk is reduced to that of a nonsmoker 5-15 years after quitting.

Risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus is half that of a smoker's.


* Lung cancer death rate similar to that of nonsmokers.


* Precancerous cells are replaced.

Risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas decreases.


* Risk of coronary heart disease is that of a nonsmoker.

So you see its worth it! get help from your doctor, giving up is very difficult to do on your own, Good Luck! Carol x

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Quite right and it makes you feel so much better.

Lynne xx


Thank you for all the support guys. Tomorrow I wont buy any ciggies instead I will try the ecig. Will keep you posted of my latest attempt to be smoke free.


Good luck Margaret, from the heart, keep use posted as to how you are getting on, as often as you want and as often as you feel you need it


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I know the post is an year old, still I couldnt help writing this : Many have read Alan Carr's book 'The Easy Way' and it worked for them. So you can give it a try.


Hi Margaret. I was diagnosed with angina about 2 years ago. It was also found that I'd had a mild heart attack that I didn't know about. I blamed it on the fags and immediately gave up. The shock was enough. No patches, no nothing. Full stop. To get me through the cfraving I decided to look at my " trigger " points, like having a fag with a cuppa. The way I got through that was to enjoy the cuppa for what it was. I found other things to do with other triggers and after about 4 months smoking it never bothered me any more. I had no cravings or anything and haven't had since,

Sorry to be blunt you can carry on smoking and make your lungs worse or maybe even have heart problems as well. Please think about this everytime you feel like a fag. I hope this helps. Good luck.


Welcome Magaret, I used patches,replacement no nicotine ciggys. But in the end I think the thing that drove me on was to prove tomyself and everyone else I could do it. Of course the hope of feeling fitter was a help but that didn't happen. However I have been a non smoker now for seven years going on eight. The saying is never give up on giving up so good luck and keep trying you'll get there one day.


Hello and welcome Margaret :) I'm having the same problem myself with quitting, but hoping the e-cig I'm using will help.


hello Margaret. You are not alone, as you will see from this very supportive site. I too am struggling with stopping smoking. i have recently had a very bad chest infection( have COPD), and had to go to hospital for a few hours the other night to go on a nebuliser. i have not touched a cigarrette for over 2 weeks now, and it is hell as you know. COPD is not nice. I am just above the medium or whatever, and i am 64%.I eat when i crave nicotene, or make a cup of coffee, and read a good book. i also watch dramas on tele, where i can lose myself, and therefore the craving passes off . Craving will only last half an hour at a time, so getting through that half hour is important. i have it bad sometimes, and just get my coat on and walk a few yards up the road. i am determined this is not going to get the better of me.We owe it to ourselves Margaret to keep as healthy as possible.You have my sympathy and best wishes. Please keep trying. you will get there and you will feel good.


Hi Margaret

Over 4 years since my last ciggy and I've not been tempted to start again.

I was running a radio station at the time and the NHS ran a smokefree session in another part of the community building I was based in. I went round more to get something to talk about on the radio but signed up for the sessions myself and after a couple of chats with the staff there they put me on Champix tablets and I was asked to set myself a stop date in 3-5 weeks.

As I was very much in the public eye (on the radio, should that be ear?) I went for the shortest date and stopped as I said I would on a Sunday night, with my Smokefree session due on the Monday. It worked for me. I had a few weeks of twiddling my fingers and heading towards the door (no smoking building) but got over it, this was after 35 years of smoking daily.

If you have not already tried, contact the NHS Smokefree service - smokefree.nhs.uk/ or call 0800 022 4 332. They may also have services in your area, have a look at cumbria.nhs.uk/YourHealth/S... or call 01900 324222

Personally I don't like the nicotine replacement methods, including e-cigs, as they don't remove the desire and it can be so easy to go back to smoking. Once you stop you stop. Apart from which, it took years to discover the dangers of smoking. We sucked in all sorts of stuff because it was 'cool' to do so. The e-cigs see people sucking stuff into their lungs, but does anyone know what's in them? How many years before it's discovered that you'll grow an extra head through using these things ?


Hi I do sympathise with trying to stop smoking. I have tried several times and am about to make another attempt. I did stop for 3 months with patches but I got careless thought I was a non smoker and then went back to it when I got really stressed. I find what really helps is to change your routine. If for example you have a fag and coffee - drink tea instead or organge juice etc. Another thing I found which helped was to replace a fag with something healthy like a piece of fruit or low calorie chewing gum.

Another thing which helped. Forget the 'official' list of why you should stop smoking. Find your own reason - mine was my cough and keep reminding yourself why you stopped.

Its great that you are giving up - that is the best thing you can do for your lungs. Let us know how you get on.

Bev xx


margret iwould never say smoking is good for you because we know it isnt.iam 71 years old and have tried evertthing but cant stop .ismoke 50 roll ups a day.i cant stop ,but i have done something.i got nicoretteinhalator its a immitation cig what takes nicotine cartridges,didnt work,so now i use the immitation cig with my roll ups insteat of nicotine cartridge i put in 2 slim line filters where the nicotine cartridge goes.it is truly amazing how much muck these filters collect.so i know this helps me


I am at the moderate stage as far as I know and I am struggling to quit altogether. But I have dropped from up to 30 a day to 1 or 2 a day. Kind of not quite saying goodbye to something I have done for 37 years. I stop for a few months, then start again, a viscious circle. never stop trying to give up as I know I won't stop trying xxxxx


Hi margaret, im having the same problem although i dont have copd, but i do have a leaky valve, have you tried the e cigs, im going to give them a try, its my first day on patches, so its early days for me, but at least we are trying to stop, all the best


Try the inhalator ,worked for me,I never thought I Doyle ever give p,but iv been clear for 3yrs now,il never smoke again

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Oh Margaret, if only there was a simple answer to this slow method of suicide! I do know how you feel. When I was diagnosed I was at 49% also, thought it was a death sentence. I read that even if I stopped smoking my life would probably only last another 12 years!

Where is this going you might be asking? Well I can only tell you my story. THE WAKE UP CALL was 10 years ago this year. Well, stopped smoking, took all my meds religiously, and still do, got myself fit via health walks, respiratory exercise, and now the gym. I don't 'push it' but do make an effort and do rest as well. I feel pretty good, I feel fitter than I have done for years. Fitter than lots of people my age who don't smoke!

So dear Margaret,it is your choice, smoking or a better quality of life. If you want to stop the help is out there-the choice is yours. What will you choose?

Good luck, thinking of yer! X



Hello Margaret

I just wanted to add that I too am trying to give up a 40 a day habbit. This forum is so helpful. Let us know when you you do as you will find others are going to be doing the same. Maybe we can support each other. Good luck Angela


Hi Margaret, please do keep trying to give up smoking, you will benefit I promise, I know its difficult, I used the patches and they do take the edge off the cravings, everyone is different so perhaps you could try other methods, alot of chemists do help with stopping smoking too, perhaps you could have a chat with your local one, it took me about 2 years to give up completely, I would stop start all the time and got down to 3 a day but they were making me feel sick in the end so that was when I just quit which was easy by then because I didn't have much nicotine in my system. Good luck, hope you succeed.

Sorry my answer is a bit late but hope it helps.



Thank you for all the supportive messages. I tried the ecig Thursday and Friday but found inhaling them really made me choke and increased my breathlessness.. I am going out tomorrow to buy some patches to see if I have more success with them. I,ve also downloaded Allen Kerrs book "the easy way to stop smoking". He maintains that he has helped about 95% smokers stop for good. So here, hoping I,m one of the 95%. I,ve decided I will apply my first patch on Tuesday so will post my progress in a week. Take Care everyone. x Maragret


Hi there Margaret. After being a heavy smoker since I was 19 I am 65 now I gave up smoking last Feb using cigs. I had tried everything else but I haven't ha any craving. If I hadn't done it I am sure I wouldn't be sitting here now. It's different strokes for different folks so I wish you the best. Keeping you in my prayers. Margaret.

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