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What is it about Exercise?

Since contracting this damn disease I seem to be progressively exercising more and achieving less! (at least that's how it feels) I used to walk at least 5 kms a day but sadly this is in the past and I have settled for 30 minutes on the exercise bike (about 5-6 kms) and about 1-1.5 kms walking on the flat (we live in an area which is predominantly hilly). Currently exploring endobronchial valves which hopefully give me a bit more "breathing space". Strangely I asked my specialist about LVRS or a transplant and he said you are not "ill enough" - I said how ill do I have to be, but this did not elicit a meaningful reply. Ah! Well! back to the exercise bike!

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Me too Martin, being diagnosed has changed so many things in my life but be careful, I am now on crutches and have weekly physio for damaging my peroneal tendon in my foot and I kept to all the rules (except having rest days). But by gum does it make you feel good when you do it and hoping to be allowed back on my treadmill next week.

I think they wont consider lung transplant until they think you are at the stage where you are not expected to survive longer than 18 months - 2 years without. I don't know if that is in part down to how scarce lungs for transplant are or if it is a combination of things.




A big change now that there is no reason for not execising with lungs that are better than the average for age in the definitive diagnosis :-)


Thats just how my husband feels and he finds it very frustrating - though he is not as good as you with his excercises!! But you have to stay positive and on his good days (hoping they will return in the summer!) - he is OK. Just a damn irritating illness all round! Keep up with the excercise and stay well. TAD xx


I keep my exercise to pottering around the house doing housework,more than eneough for me. But I think I would have been asking the same question. How ill do we have to be before we are considered for anything that will help us xxxxx


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