Play it Safe!!

Play it Safe!!

Tonight Hereford United are playing at home against Wrexham FC and I would dearly like to go and watch. Trouble is the temperature is going to drop below freezing and my lungs don't like it under 5deg's, so much to my annoyence I guess I'm gonna have to 'play it safe'. This fibrosis that I have is just killing me In more way's than one. I guess there is a bright side, Iv'e got a Guiness in the fridge and I can get live audio coverage on the wonderfull wwweb thanks to the bbc sports web site. Thank God for technology!! Come on Hereford make my day.

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  • Let's all sing for dall05. Hereford,Hereford,Hereford

  • As a new Hereford supporter King I thought you might like to know we lost 1-0. Never mind you'll get used to it, I have :(

  • Oh Dall I know just how you feel. Was do looking forward to the match on Saturday only to wake to really cold misty rain. So that knocked it on the head too. Rubbish isn't it?

  • Suck's Big Time!!!!

  • And now my lot are losing 2-0!!

  • Half time and its Hereford 0 Wrexham 1. Gad Dam It!! Dont Panick!!!! Captain Manwaring.

  • Who do you support? MarieWF.

  • The mighty Carlisle United for my sins!! Another lower league club!

  • Your back in it at 2-1 so good luck. :)

  • Hereford lost 1-0 Oh' well roll on Saturday, were at home again and the weather is hopefully gonna be warmer. Bad luck Marie I see your lot had a bad night too. They were missing your support tonight!!

  • Not really I knew we wouldn't win. We have never win 3 in a row with this manager of ours. I really can't stand him.

    Better luck to the Bulls next time!

  • Alway's new you were a fan King. Our song goes a little like this, Hereford united we all love you, We'll alway's support you and we'll follow you through, Our supporters are the best and they do thier thing, Hereford united this is what we sing!!! Feels like I'm at the match now Comon the Bulls!!!

  • Your Hereford United anthem sounds quite nice

  • I'm not a huge footie fan, but I love the passion of smaller teams. It's what it used to be about.

    Lynne xx

  • Yes, weve got no money, bearly enough players, but we have got passion, a million miles away from the pon'sy premiership softy's. Most of the players are British as well!!

  • You did the sensible thing dall :) at least you may get to watch future matches. Who knows what might have happened had you taken the risk and gone.

    Hope your team are managing to claw back some goals :(

  • Your absolutely right, better to 'live' and support another day :)

  • No surprise Hereford losing, saw supporters and the local plod (never see them any other time) gearing up. Hubby told me 16 quid for a ticket standing, think of the money you have saved Dall05 you can spend on your favorite tipple.

  • I get in for £10.00 on a disabled ticket and a carer come's free!!, 2 for £10.00 can't be bad to watch the best side in the country. Ha. I'm pleased to say HUFC look after us disabled folk very well.

  • yep as soon as temperature gets below 3 i can hardly breathe ,so i stay in and wonder about a good team ,Darlington , were in the conference but went into administration for (i think for the third time) an demoted 4 or 5 leagues, i don`t even know what league we are in now , we also have no ground , we share with Bishop Auckland ( if you have ever heard of them)

  • Northern league div 1 is where your at. Its shocking that Darlington have ended up there but I'm sure they will get back to the Blue Square prem one day. Good Luck, you'll need it when your playing the Bulls again. Ha Ha. The temperature is improving so I'm off on Sat to cheer on the Bulls with a bit of luck.

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