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QUEENS MEDICAL CENTRE ..................To all Healthunlockders

I have just spent a lovely day at the Queens Medical Centre ,Nottingham being a patient for fifth year students in the process of taking their final exams.If they pass they will become future GP's.They have had to diagnose what respiratory condition I have and what led them to that conclusion.

It is one of the ways I am able to repay the medical profession for saving my life and helping me to continue with my life.

If any of you get the chance to help out in anyway you will find out how much satisfaction it can give you. There are many forms of help you can give,find out from the NHS

Richard Cornish


How much satisfaction can you get and give your local Breathe Easy group?

Details on joining from the BLF

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That's a great thing to do. I would certainly do it. How did you find out about it?

Lynne xx


Firstly I would ask your GP or your surgeries Patient Participation Group.If you belong to Breathe Easy they should be able to help you.Try the NHS web pages of your local Hospitals.

Richard x


I never ever object, when asked if students can stand in on an examination or consultation and I've even let them loose on the artery in my wrist to practice obtaining a blood sample for gasses (ouch ! yes, it hurt!).

How else are we to have future doctors and nurses ?

Both my late mother and father (RIP) gifted their bodies to Leeds Medical School and I hope to be able to the same myself :)


Well done.And I hope you can do the same as your mother and father did.


Forgot to say ........ well done, Richard *shakes him by the hand* :)


Thank you elian


Well, what a marvelous thing to do, I think it's wonderful. Good on you!


I love doing it,and thank you.


Richard, living around Nottingham, are you aware of the respiratory research unit at the City Hospital?

They are currently doing an "ERICA" study and are looking for 100 COPD sufferers. They have to go to Pulmonary Rehab clinics to try and find "new candidates" - I think they have around 60 so far. This research won't benefit anyone reading this but in the future ...

2 x 2.5 hour sessions - bloods, walking tests, heart/lung tests, questionnaires etc - all the stuff you'd expect.

Did my first session last week and second booked for next week.

Interested? 0115 8231406

Well done for the QMC session - it needs more to do this sort of thing


I belong to the NRRU and attend their regular meetings.I have taken part in research trials and I am now waiting for another opportunity to be involved in more that are suitable for me.


Evaluation of the Role of Inflamation in pulmanory disease Manifestations in Chronic Airways.

Well done y_not for taking part.


That's a wonderful way to help the students, I'm glad you enjoyed your day! :)


Thank you hufferpuffer.


I did a similar thing in Winchester last year. It benefited both the students, I hope, and me. One of the gripes I have is the lack of information given by doctors on how and when is the best time to take medication. For instance one of the many pills I take is best taken dissolved in water. I was never told this and as the pills are German as is the paper work I have taken them dry with just a drink. After taking this pills for 3 years a doctor asked how much water I was dissolving them in and went on to explain that they work best when dissolved.

I imparted this story to the students and asked that when they prescribe drugs that they should try and explain when and how it is best to take them


Well done Baldie.I always try to have a little chat to the students when I am a patient during tutorials about something that may have arisen.Not allowed to talk to them at exam time


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