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Before all this started just before Christmas and subsequently have been diagnosed with mild COPD, I had started preparing one of the spare rooms for decorating, that involved sanding the walls down (one wall now half sanded, the rest not done).

Clearly things have to change but when I get over this bug or whatever I have, I need to think about getting back to it.

I do need to finish sanding the walls down and then obviously I have to sand the woodwork down before painting. I know about the low odour paints but I want to do everything I can to protect my lungs.

I have been looking at respirators that will protect me from the plaster dust, does anyone know if one that is described as "A respirator with low profile filters to protect against very fine dust particles, fibres and gases. Includes 2 cartridges. Complies with EN140 and EN14387. CE 0086 approved" will be adequate to protect me?

Asking the husband, forget it, chocolate T pot springs to mind, I do everything in the house including finishing tiling the en suite floor and walls and installing a new shower tray cubicle and plumbing, he cant do it so it is down to me.




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  • The best way to protect your airways is not to go near dust , paint fumes etc at all...avoid at all cost really.Let your husband have a go he might surprise you! Dorothy xx

  • Kat, I have to say I agree with Dors....... you will be asking for trouble :(

  • I am at risk of having a foot stamping paddy because I am not hearing what I want to hear ;) ;)


  • I was going to add my 2p worth about avoiding dust, with or without mask, but am fearful of being stamped on now !

    So, as it's our anniversary today, we're off out instead :)

  • Happy Anniversary Gordon....... enjoy your meal !! :)

  • Hiya kat, to tell you the truth in my opinion the simple paper masks that you can buy from D.I.Y Shops should do the job adequately they cover the nose and mouth and have a metal strip to pinch over the bridge of your nose,

  • Paper masks are not to be trusted .... Need full mask :) dark vader comes to mind :p

  • Fine for most people, not so good if you have a lung condition and need to avoid any dust.

  • A dont think your body will let you near what caused your problems ... My experiance is humans are masacistic .... But your body is not :p

  • Take good advice Kat don't mess with your health, Have a paddy sweetheart but the truth is the truth. xx

  • I work or was working for a firm that produces respirators, the paper masks will protect you against large dust particals the cannister ones will stop finer dust, but to stop gasses and fumes you would need a powered unit costing a lot of money.

    Have a look on this website i think there will be a link to the respirators section it may help

  • Gas Mask? :)

  • New husband.

  • don't do it. I did and ended up in hospital - the old plaster dust and sanding did it !!!

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