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I have found it increasingly difficult putting on shoes over the last few months, the act of doing up zips on boots has become a nightmare that threatened my desire to go out of the house.

At first it was dismissed as having some limits applied by age it was only when I mentioned how my breathing was in a chat with my nurse that it entered my head that copd could be doing this.

After the seed was planted that breathing was connected with footwear choice I have looked around for suitable comfortable footwear that did not look like diving boots.

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Hi Greyvote

I'm sure there will be someone on here who can help.

Are you receiving benefits? Given you ahve some difficulties with bending over to put shoes etc on it may well be worth exploring.

Call us on 03000 030 555 if we can help!

Best Wishes


Hi Greyvote.....have a look on Damart..... ive noticed some nice looking ones on there.


Hi Greyvote

Hotter shoes do a range of nice shoes with velcro type fixings. They maybe a tad expensive but they are really comfortable and you get that and fashion whilst not looking the total geriatric LOL


I use a long piece of string tied to an uncurled paperclip, hook the paperclip into the zip, grab the string, put the boot/shoe on the floor and pull the string ............. job's a good 'un :)


These are similar to what i wear and very comfortable x

Can follow the thinking here with slip ons that slip off as easily when it does not help leaving them behind mid step. Have been cramming my poor old feet into shoes that were already done up loosely on the table during cold weather that needed more than slip on sandals.

look on the above web pages and I am sure you will find something that wont fall of your feet and of course having velcro means you can adjust them when your feet are really bad

Good Luck


Hi greyvote, I was going to suggest the paperclip idea for zips, the extra large office paperclips work best. I also have a couple of button hookers as they are called that do up buttons. They are dowel with wire loop one end for buttons and a small curtain hook other end for pulling up zips. You can make your own if you can't bend down, buy a long piece of thick dowel and get someone to screw a curtain hook in one end for you. Or as stated above there are many velcro closing shoes and boots available these days. Good luck in resolving your predicament.

I have Hotters shoes and boots for the first time this year - and they are expensive but comfy as someone has already said. But they're the only things I've found that are any good. The velcro isn't too obvious and with swollen feet at the end of each day they are still mostly comfortable. Padders are another firm that's OK.

Bon chance!

did you know that zips run easier if rubbed with a candle ?

Would be a good question - what was he doing when found with a piece of string, a paperclip and a candle and breathing heavily ????????????

rofl ...... I hesitate to guess :O

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