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Doublebase Gel

Hi all, having read about Doublebase Gel on here I thought I'd give it a go. Got from Amazon (must find out what it costs from Boots) and it is brilliant. I swear my tiny wrists have plumped out a wee bit, I need my watch on a one-hole looser setting now. Also have tried it (one for the ladies) not sure how to put this delicately... Where my bra fixes around my torso I get very itchy, so have been massaging the gel into my abdomen area and have not been itchy since, in fact the skin seems much nicer. Good for the hands too, all thios rubing in! Must try it on my feet next.

Recommended it to a friend whose husband has psoriasis, he liked it but seems to think it is no better than other creams he uses.

Thanks for all the help and tips on here,. folk.

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A word of caution for those who use supplementary oxygen. One of the active ingredients in Doublebase Gel is liquid paraffin. Oxygen suppliers recommend that users avoid creams and gels containing petroleum based products that increase the risk of combustion.

Quite right. My consultant told me not to use vaseline etc on, in, or around a sore nose as it can cause a type of pneumonia (Lipid Pneumonia?). We can inhale microscopic particles and then they settle and cause havoc in the lungs :(

You can get it on prescription too, even better if you don't pay for prescriptions

Does it have any smell? (I ask because GP once gave me something for my terribly dry and itchy 'Crocodile skin' legs but I couldn't stand the faint 'urine' type smell it gave off).

No it doesn't smell I use if for my Eczema

No, haven't noticed any unpleasant smell. Don't need oxygen (lucky me) so that's not an issue, thanks for the thought. I've been told you can get it on prescription, but I am stupid and feel guilty asking for anything else, I am a big enough drain on the NHS as it is. Will chat to the nurse and see what she says. Thing is, I don't really 'need' it I suppose.

Look at it another way - in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, there are no prescription charges. It's only if you're in England that you pay.

The NHS is provided as a service from contributions paid via National Insurance, no matter what your condition or requirement, it's there for you. :)

If you have itchy skin and this has helped then have a chat with your nurse and see what they say, they may not prescribe it, but it's worth a try.

Think I will give it a whirl then :)

I get really dry skin, it flakes off have to cover myself with lotion, will give it a try although I am on oxygen. My resp. nurse at my surgery told me to put a bit of vaseline on my nose to stop it getting sore, I didn't bother explaining to her why I shouldn't use vaseline. Wish there was something for an oxygen sore nose. I am like you Sylvsmum I won't ask for anything more from the surgery, my prescription list is long enough as it is.

Lib x

There is a very effective 'sore nose cream' Libby ( I know that because I use it ;) ) and if you would like the details please send me a private message :)

Just been reading the reviews on the Amazon site, amazed to read that someone uses it as hair conditioner! Says she has long curly hair and it just absorbs and doesn't look greasy. Gobsmacked really, but will give it a try tomorrow - my hair is short and straight and has a mind of its own, maybe this will tame it.

Thanks for all your comments, great to pass these tips on! If only one new user finds it useful, then it's worth putting a blog up.

I used to get it on prescription for itchy skin. Give it a go with your doctor.

I work in a Boots Pharmacy so if I remember I will see how much it is tomorrow x

Thanks, that would be very useful.

Unless there is a promotion on here are the prices;

100g £5.25

500g £11.53

Thanks for that, think I'll stick to Amazon.

I was prescribed Doublebase Gel for psoriasis. My GP handed over the prescription saying If you have psoriasis you should moisturise moisturise moisturise.

Sorry I forgot to mention I don't pay for prescriptions because I am on insulin, Thyroxine and over 60. I paid National Insurance contributions for 48 years, I have no qualms


I don't pay for prescriptions either, being over 60 but have paid up til then despite feeling those with chronic conditions should be free, or at least subsidized! So WHY, people, do I feel guilty about having this on prescription??

Just checked on Boots website for Doublebase gel. They will not let you order without a prescription. How come you can buy it at Amazon and various other places?

Doesn't make sense! You can buy freely at Amazon etc. Great product.

BTW, ignore the tip about it being a good hair conditioner. Tried it yesterday and it just made my hair look awful and greasy, and not so easy to wash out either.

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