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COPD nurse visits

Does anyone know how often the COPD nurse comes to visit COPD patients. Last two Februarys, hubby has had a visit but he says it was because he had just come out of hospital January 11 and January 12. This year, fortunately, he hasnt had to be admitted to hospital, so he says he is not expecting a visit. But I thought they visited annually to make sure all was well.

How does it work for the rest of you ?

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well, i`ve been in hospital 4 times in the last 3 years ,never had a nurse come visit me , i always have to go and see my g p a week or so after coming out of hospital then see the nurse another week after that


Hi gocat,

When I am 'well' I have the specialist resp. nurse every six months to the hose - but this only started when I went on oxygen. She walks me around, checks my sats and BP, gives me the once over with her stethoscope, writes any script's if I need them and can refer me for any copd related tests. If I have any worries or want to request a visit from her in between times I can, though I have never done this. I also have six monthly check ups (spirometry etc) with the paractise nurse at the chest clinic.

I think things may vary slightly from place to place, but generally speaking if you are at the very severe stage, on oxygen etc then you should have roughly what I have outlined above.


Thanks for replies. Bit of a postcode lottery there eh :(

Hubby had check up with GP nurse last november and had the spirometry test (just one blow into the thingie though, thought it was best of 3 ) and Im sure she asked hubby if he has regular contact with the copd nurse so that's why I thought he was due an annual visit from her.

Would like to ask her re having hubby tested for ambulant oxygen as he hardly eats (says he gets puffed out), never goes out (frightened of catching bugs and says he gets too puffed out). I have to dress him when he has had a wash as can hardly breath (wont have a shower for same reason).


Hi Gocat, I think you need a referral to your respiratorry clinic for an assessment. I'd say you need a community Matron overseeing his treatment.with his symptoms you should take action now..

Good luck



It might be worth referring back to the NICE guidelines to check what you should expect as basic routine treatment etc for hubby's particular stage of illness.

CG101 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (update): full guideline


doh! can't get the link right :(


Here you are.

The limk below is for the PDF file. All 673 pages !


Hi, well i came out of hospital mid November after having been rushed in one saturday morning, i had pluracy, was told my nurse would call to see me in a couple of weeks, middle FEBRUARY..still waiting, I have a specialist nurse as i suffer with COPD and am on oxygen 24/7, luckily i have not been feeling too bad.I cant get out during this cold weather,i used to love going to my local pub on Friday night for a couple of hours to meet with friend,we put the world to right, so i am looking forward to the spring, when i hope it will get warmer and we can put the world to right again., you know i am feeling better for thast, cheers all.


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