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I Have Question For BLF Or Anyone Else Who As Had Hypertonic Saline And Who Is Or As Been On Beclomethasone Dipropionate Inhaler

Am Using Steroid Inhaler aka Beclomethasone Dipropionate Now Some Foods eg Crisp Curry Additives React With My InHaler ...... Burning In Mouth For Example Know I Am Worried As My Specialist Said Stay Away From Stuff Like That ....

Now If I Have Hypertonic Saline Aka A Misty Salt Water Is That Going To Have Nasty Reaction As It Not Me Mouth But Whats Left Of Me Good Bit :P

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You probably have a touch of oral thrush from the inhaler. Use a spacer with the inhaler if you can and make sure you rinse your mouth every time you use the inhaler. My mouth reacts with certain foods when i get thrush and it is a well known side effect of steroid inhalers. Your doctor can prescribe nystatin for oral thrush.

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