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Anyone else feel like their arms and legs are like lead? (but mainly legs) No energy and certainly no stamina to just walk round the shops?

If i dont sit down, my legs feel like they are on fire! At night I get cramps in my feet and legs so no sleep there. Dr just said have calcium tablets as im lactose intolerant and he thought i lacked calcium. It worked a little the first couple of nights but back to square one after that. I would just like a good nights sleep-and to keep up with my grand children!

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Have your Potassium levels checked as it can cause cramps if low. I have personally experienced this myself. Eating Bananas and peanuts can help put this right if nessessary. Good Luck!

I used to get a lot of leg (and toe) cramps during the night suspan and my doc recommended Indian Tonic water, but to make sure that I got the one that said "contains quinine" on the label. One small glass full each night, plus I reduced my salt intake just in case, and that seems to have done the trick.

The lead legs probably come from trying to do too much, especially keeping up with grand-children !!

Have you had blood tests? If not, insist on it, Female and then fifty, I was experiencing your symtoms a number of years ago, the ache in my limbs was constant, and like you I love to shop and spend time with my grandchildren. My energy just seemed to gradually disappear , and then I couldn't walk any distance before I had to sit down because my legs felt like lead and were burning with pain, I would cry!

The blood test showed I was serverely anemic, and, I also had an underactive thyroid. I was given high doses of iron tablets for the anemea, and after a few months my blood count was normal and all those horrendous symtoms dissapeared. Thyroxine was prescribed also, and I will have to take this little pill forever, but, for the last ten years I've had my sparkle back. I wish you well, and hope this helps you to get sorted, you will soon be running rings around your grandchildren again!

Oh my god - I thought I was the only one who got this - I had been at the doctors only yesterday to try and explain the feelings. After walking for about 5 mins my whole body would feel like it was too heavy to move - and I'd have to stop/sit down for 5-10 mins to feel better. I also get the 'crampish' (feels like it is a cramp coming on but doesn't go into the full blown knotted cramp - but still hurts as much) - feelings, but in my upper body - it can happen at any time but mostly at night. My doctor has suggested eating a banana every day - because of the potassium - so well done dall05. Am having a blood test done on Friday so fingers crossed that the potassium is the only reason.

I get this heavy arms and legs if I attempt to go supermarket shopping with my husband. 3 isles and I am done and have to find a seat. and then it takes me about 30 minutes to recover. I had bloods done last week and all came back ok.

maxer x

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