Giving up the weed

Just thought I would mention today I have been smoke free for all of 14 days, ah I hear you say, thats nowt to get excited about. Well I am over the moon, because after many and varied attempts to kick the nasty weed into touch, somewhere deep inside my brain is telling me I am going to succeed this time. Yes I am still thinking of the evil sticks all the time but I am and will continue to be a non smoker. This is a brill site with great people, you may not know it but this site is helping me an awful lot. Thanks to all of you lovely people out there

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  • Oh how wrong you are nixy

    That is something to very much get excited about

    I say that because for everyone who does it, it is a tough road and every single day you don't smoke, it is a massive achievement.

    Congratulations nixy and keep up the good work

    Kat (now in week 6 of being a non smoker)


  • Thank, you for that, just need to stop eating now, although I am trying to eat fruit or chew gum ect., Congrats for your 6 weeks. I would feel better if I didnt have a bad chest. Ah well it wont last forever, I will be running a marathon before I know it!!!!

  • Wow that's great news nixy! you have to be your own best friend when it comes to packing in evil nic! When I first gave up (9 years ago this year ) I would have the craziest nightmares,that I was having sneaky smokes under some imaginary table somewhere! I'd wake up in a lather!

    Stay strong you know you're worth it! let us know how you are getting on,all the very best,C. x

  • H Ha, wouldnt mind dreaming of smoking a fag as long as it took the cravings away. The only thing I ever dream about is work, no wonder I am always tired in the mornings!!!!!

  • Oh niixy well done keep going. Take it from one who knows it makes so much difference.

    You can do it. Come back and let us know how you're doing and share your progress with us.


  • Keep it up nixy, we're all willing you to do it.

    Lib x

  • Hi Nixy, it IS something to get excited about! You've gone through the biggest hurdle and should be very proud of yourself, I smoked for about 45 years and tried to give up many times so I know how hard it is. The longer you go without one, the easier it gets and the more pleased with yourself you will be. Well done! Libby

  • ps 3 years 1 month for me!

  • I smoked for 45 years as well, but not anymore, I have come to my senses at last. Thank you all for your kind comments xx

  • One day without, let alone 14, is an achievment Nixy so well done.

  • ohhhhhhhNIXY sooooooo well done be proud girl, it,s damn hard but I did it now you, well done so excited for you love jude

  • Well done nixy. I've done 13 months now after many failed attempts before. I found that I stopped thinking about them all the time after a month or so.

    Weirdly, I often dream I am smoking again and feel disgusted, then I wake and am so relieved.

    Have you got to the stage yet where you can smell a smoker from 20 paces?

    Lynne xx

  • yes had a lift of a heavy smoker on Sunday,luckily it was only a few mins., in the car but the stale smell made me feel sick. i also felt guilty in case I had smelt like that and everyone was too polite to tell me.. .....

  • I have, I can't believe how disgusting I must have smelled, really feel ashamed when I think of it!

  • oh, you are so right Lynne, at hospital the other day, I smelt it and it made me feel sick so on the way out, I took a deep breath so I wouldnt have to smell it.


  • Nixy give your self a huge pat on the back and keep up the good work, nearly 2 years for me. :)

  • Very very well done nixy, It was a habit of 47 years for me and it was so hard but it is

    never too late!

  • congratulations Nixy, be proud of yourself. You must have saved some money so treat yourself to something - love Annie80

  • Thank you all for your comments I will be keeping in touch, you have made my day!!!!! x

  • 3 yrs and 5 months after smoking for 45 years,will always be grateful to the quit shop in Wakefield and Champrix. Well done to you.

  • Well done a superb effort.Keep up the friendship with my mate WILL POWER

  • Be proud nixy, and very well done. I am now 12 weeks smoke free after 44 years of the darn things, never ever thought I would do it, its not easy by any stretch , but you know I dont miss them one bit , still on nicotine replacement patches but hope to be free of those very soon. Sooooo very well done and keep it up x

  • I'd like to recommend all of you who have recently given up, save what you would have spent on cigarettes. I set up a Direct Debit to a savings account for £200, yes £200, per month. I have saved £2600. It's paying for a river cruise holiday this year.

    Lynne xx

  • Celebrate every smoke free day as if it was your first. Well done.

  • A HUGE round of applause for you nixy. been of the weed now since 2006, but every now and then I'll find myself doing something and thinking for a split second of a fag. My sense of smell is now awesome, If I am following a smoker in a car while on my m/bike, Ican smell the smoke blown out of the window. Mind you that can have its downside as I can now smell my feet. . 8-)

  • Well done nixy - I was very lucky as a family friend suggested that I try smoking when I was 14. It was a Woodbine and I could not believe that anyone would smoke for pleasure and have never smoked since. Both my husband and parents were smokers. My husband made several attempts to give up and finally succeeded. I suggested that he should put the money aside and get something he really wanted for himself. After over two years he had saved enough to get a 'banger' of a GRP canal cruiser and he loved it. So, I really agree with Lynn's idea.

    Keep up the good work - you know everyone here is on your side.

  • Well done! This will probably be the best thing you have ever done. I've been off them since I was at deaths door in 2007. I had never seriously tried to give up before that but I suddenly felt that I could do it and I did. Keep up the good work! x

  • I think being at deaths door last April may have had something to do with my determination this time, even though it has taken a few months for it to sink in, at last I really mean to quit.

  • I thought you meant the proper evil weed i turned 39 on the 29th of jan just gave that up after 25 years! will try the ciggarettes around april this year fingers crossed

  • Fantastic.

    Anyone who knew me thought I would never stop but I did, and have been cig free for nearly 13 months.

    You stick with it.

    Well done.


  • well done nixy x

  • Thank you all, you have inspired me to make sure I carry on, and I will do this thanks to your help. xxx

  • Well done Indy. I stopped smoking 2 months ago after hundreds of previous attempts. This site is fantastic, everytime I seriously want a ciggy, I look at comments people have made and this gives me the extra push to continue.

  • Sorry about the name spelling mistake, my ipad thinks it knows best sometimes

  • Mine is just the same Polly lol

  • well done its plenty to shout about i smoked for 45 years and am on no smoking cessation at 5 weeks now after varoius attempts determinned after emphysema diagnonis i spur myself on by thinking you damn things have had all my money but your sure as hell not having me lol it seems to be working keep on giving up well donexxx

  • Well done and keep up the good work, you will feel the benefits more and more as time goes on, be proud of yourself, its a great acheivment and a big saving on the purse strings, I couldn't believe it when I saw the price of them the other day, they were just under £5 for 20 when I gave up and now around £7, good grief!! Good luck.

    Teigy x

  • Every journey begins with a single step and you have done that. I stopped 10 years ago after forty years. Congratulations and keep going a day at a time! You are going to make it!

  • I am about to quit and am worried I will feel worse breathlessness as some people do with COPD....I would love to hear all your experiences with this, please . xxx

  • Thank you all for your comments. You are all so helpful, I feel even stronger now. xxx

  • Nixy - you should be really really really proud of yourself. I am into my 3rd day of not smoking and cannot believe it is actually happening - that I am not climbing the wall gasping for a ciggy - and like you I am sooooo excited. Be extra excited for every day you don't smoke - I know I will be.

  • Nixy, 14 days smoke-free is brilliant!!! I never thought I'd be able to give up the Evil Weed after 40+ years of smoking but at the end of Feb, I shall be 4 years free of it! Even my lovely husband has given up for me (he's done almost a year now!) and yes, I realise now how 'bad' the smell of stale ciggy smoke is! Rozierose, 3 days without the weed is brilliant too - the longest journey starts with the first small step (trite but true!!)

    Jude xx

  • Good for you nixey there s no only in this. Every day counts without a cigarette, wish I given up a long time before I did might be in better health now.

  • Well done Nixy, keep it up, I gave up 4yrs ago and do still fancy a ciggy on occasions, but the though only lasts for a few mins, then goes away, they say you never stop fancying one now and then, but con't get the craving, if you are ready to stop, then thats the time to do it. sounds as though you are ready. a funny thing happened to me when I first gave up, I was eating a finger kitkat and found myself holding one finger between my fingers just like a ciggy, how we laughed at that......old habits die hard they say hahaha

  • well done Nixy, off them 11 months so know how hard it can be, but after reading all comments must shout well done to you all your great bunch to give them rotten cigs up, cheers all,

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