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Request for research participants: Adapting self-help to meet the needs of people who also have physical health problems

Hi Everybody

We have agreed to put details of the following study on the Community - if you are interested in taking part please use the contact details provided.



Invitation. You are being invited to take part in an interview as part of a research project. Please take time to read the following information carefully before making a decision.

Background of this study. Twenty per cent of people with a long-term physical health condition also experience depression or anxiety. Research has shown that psychological self-help interventions, which support individuals to develop their understanding and skills, are an effective treatment in overcoming anxiety or depression. However, most of this research has not included individuals who also have long-term physical health conditions.

What is the purpose of the study? I am looking to recruit people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to participate in a telephone interview. I am interested in whether self-help interventions for anxiety and depression are suitable or not suitable for people who also experience a physical health condition, and the ways that self-help could be adapted to meet their needs. The findings from this study can be used to improve the care of patients in the future.

How to take part. If you are interested in taking part, please email me on

You will first be emailed some further information about the research, along with a consent form and questionnaire about yourself. If you wish to take part, complete the consent form and questionnaire and return this to me. If you are selected to take part, you will be contacted to arrange a telephone interview which will last between 60 and 90 minutes. Before the interview you will be emailed some information on self-help interventions which you will be asked to read through. The telephone interview will be recorded.

Who am I? My name is Aimée Hadert, I am a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at University of Exeter. I am supervised by Dr Paul Farrand (research supervisor) from the Mood Disorders Centre at the School of Psychology, University of Exeter. This study has been approved by the School Research Ethics Committee.

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Thanks Mark. As I am currently suffering with depression for the first time - I believe as a result of the isolation etc caused by my COPD - I will follow up on this.

I have tried sending my email to the address given numerous times, but it won't send because of 'syntax error'?

Take the full stop off the end when you cut/paste ;)

thanks Gordon - it went this time (i think)


As I can only see your username, I am not sure whether you have been able to get through to me or not. If you would like to receive further information please contact me on

Many thanks

Aimee Hadert

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

University of Exeter

It is something I would like to be able to do It is only the depression was here a long time before the COPD in fact a major reason for smoking as heavily as I did.

Should I volunteer and await rejection as unsuitable ?


Thank you for your interest in the study. You are not required to have experience of depression/anxiety to take part in the study only a diagnosis of COPD.

If you would like to receive more information, please email me on

Many thanks

Aimee Hadert

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

University of Exeter

I have conflicting opinions as to whether bronchiectasis is part of the COPD or not. If it is then I would be happy to take part.

dont think it is, just checked the blf site to find out more about it for myself xx

how many conditions needed to apply ? have'nt got all night as my anti D's are just kicing in with my sleeping tablet sccrteens giong a bit blurruy

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