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thanks for nothing!

I had an appointment today at 12.00 with the unemployed workers centre, they were to help me fill in the form for dla. However having a dreaded chest infection and being snowed in yet again I phoned up to cancel. It was an answer phone so I left a message and requested some one got back to me to rearrange my appointment which they did. They cannot get me in until the end of March which is past the dead line for the form to be returned," and anyway" he said" we don't do that any more, just tick the box's and send it off". I was so stunned I thanked him (for what?) and put the phone down. :(

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Give the BLF helpline a call maybe they can help you

sorry meant to say CAB as well

or your local authority Benefits Adviser :) and don't worry too much about being past the deadline date. That's what happened to me, and when they wrote asking why I hadn't met the date, I just told them I had had other problems which prevented me from completing the forms in time.

... as long as you don't go too far beyond the date. They can reduce the claim time if you're late, normally it's backdated to when you claimed, if you're late they can change it to the date they received the forms.

Wow, what to say.

The forms are a nightmare to fill in and I have the advantage of being an ex nurse.

I am pretty sure if you ring DLA up and explain the situation, they will extend the deadline date for you - but be sure to get the name of any person if they confirm a new date - I have had to extend a deadline in the past and there was no problem

The other advice for BLF helpline and CAB is obviously where you are likely to get the help you need to complete the forms

Good luck Gilly



Gilly, I had help from the CAB years ago but it didn't do me any good, and then I got membership of and after filling in the forms on my own using their great advice I got awarded dla today so I think it was well worth the membership,I can now keep warm.Good Luck, Carol xxx

Don't know if this will be of help :

- I have a feeling that will 'break' as it contains spaces, if it does not work use this:

It's from the Disability Law Service and is their document "A guide to completing Disability Living Allowance Application Forms"

I also gave links to some other useful organisations in this blog :- - rather than retype it all here.

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