Half Term

Well its half term already doesn't seem five minutes since Christmas but the poor children and teachers need a break. I have my grandson today because my daughter who works in a school is at work ! Tom goes to school in Stockport and Sharon works in Manchester - strange isn't it Stockport is supposedly in Greater Manchester but the schools have different holidays - stupid yes!!

Anyway I am not moaning, because Tom stopped last night so that he could have a lay in and not have to get up early to come here and I wouldn't have to get up early either. The reason I am not moaning is......................................... I got a cup of coffee in bed along with the newspaper - sheer heaven, he has even made me another and wait for it he has offered to cook dinner tonight if I supervise (I forgot to mention he is staying tonight too)!! Plus I don't have to pay him anything (his words).

I LOVE MY GRANDSON!! Every home should have one but not as a permanent feature just now and again. By the way he is 11 so I some how don't think he will be like this for long :)



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  • Sounds a lovely young man, enjoy him while you can. :)

  • My sons are 14 and 17 and they are still like that, they always make me hot drinks, cold drinks, fetch and carry and offer to do anything for me........... I love my sons and I think that them having to deal with a mum who is unwell has helped towards them being caring young men :-D

  • In Toms short life his daddy, grandpa, greatgrandpa and greatgrandma have all died and this has made him a very strong sensitive child who loves to help others. This is one of the reasons I get angry at kids who say they are hard done too they really don't know what life is like. Like your sons the good ones never get the praise they deserve but we know their worth and treasure them


  • He soumds like he will be a good catch for someone one day.Tom obviously loves you very much.

  • That is marvellous Janet,I have 7 grandkids, love them all dearly,but have noticed the boys are always more on the soft side! (they would kill me, if they read that!!) Ha Ha!

    As for holidays,here in Oz,every state has different dates,very frustrating for familys trying to get together at times,dont know why they cant be all the same, would make life a lot easier for some.I am fortunate in they are all 15 mins. drive from me, in different directions!

    but they all have cousins etc. in different states,& it makes it difficult in holiday times.xxx

  • i have 5 grandchildren, and my 9yr old granddaughter is very good to me so caring, when she phones me she always ask how am i and will do anything for me,but the biggest cheat at monpopoply, she always ensist she is banker lol? my grandson also is a darling, so jandan im so glad you had a lie in, paper and breakfast in bed, you will always treasure things grand kids do

    love jan

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