Austerity and the haves and have nots!

After many years of this countries finances being not well managed, we are all paying the price one way or another via state support. And for those who had the opportunity to save for the future I am sure it seems very hard for Joe Bloggs down the road to get everything or so it seems.

For every Joe Bloggs who appears to have the state to provide for them, there are many who suffer and go without, some are my neighbours, some are my friends and of course there are thousands of others I do not know. And every year I am sure we all read somewhere in the media of an appeal to provide equipment for a hospice, hospital or individual because the state cannot provide.

In my locality our local council are asking the community to decided whether it is more important to keep regular refuse collections or provide the same level of social care. I am sure the community is as challenged on this as you BLFers.

I think in these times of austerity we have to accept if we have funds that can be used to improve our lives we must use them until they are gone before we turn to the state for support. I am sure some will disagree and that is your right, but the more of us who demand from that meagre pot of state funds, the less we will all get at the end of the day. And I for one would rather see those who really need it get care and support because of lack of financial means than someone who has a few thousand in the bank, claims it simply because they could.

We all moan how the UK doesn't do this or that, but if you really think about it compared to the third world countries, and those without a health care system like the NHS we are a lucky nation. I am thankful that I keep myself warm, fed and have access to health care. So count your blessings, we live in the UK, we by no means live in a perfect system but compared to some countries we could be a whole lot worse.

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  • There has to be a cut-off point somewhere doesn't there. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair, eg my 85yr old mum's income is £1 per week over the limit for pension credit & other benefits, because she went to work when she was widowed with 2 young children (one being sickly me) and saved into a little private pension. .

    But the criterion has to be need, not whether someone "deserves" it or not. In any case I am sure the number of "undeserving" cases are vastly outweighed by those whose poverty is no fault of their own, but due entirely to circumstances such as bereavement, redundancy etc, or simply the inability to earn a good wage because of lack of educational opportunities. Someone has to do the low-level jobs.

    Also I don't like the recurring emphasis on people from other countries coming here and getting benefits. To me, I'm afraid it smacks of racism. People are only able to come here if they are entitled to do so - either as EU members moving between countries, or refugees. If we don't like the system, well we live in a democracy so we can change it in May 2015. I certainly didn't vote for this dreadful govt.

    Having said that, I defend sweetthing's right to have a rant, we all need that sometimes, but I do think we should be very careful in criticising other people's right to benefits when we just don't know what their circumstances are. The politics of envy won't get us anywhere.

    love, ff x

  • Very well said.

    Lynne xx

  • Totally agree x

  • I think I've said all I want to say in the other blog. I'm starting to feel like I'm banging my head on the wall and would prefer to give up before it really hurts...

  • Wise comment, Gordon, dont stress yourself, it doesn't help. We need you. I must find the serenity prayer (non religious) and also "IF" by Rudyard Kipling. I like to read both.

  • Very well written fairyfootsteps

  • Gordon, don't bang your head anymore we might need it soon for your valuable input! :)

  • Well said fairyfootsteps. xx

  • Is that why your head has gone green Gordon? :-)

    Carole x

  • I agree wiith all except the democracy that does not exist in many cases the people can vote on who represents them in this country but once they are voted in they can do the opposite of what they promised are represented and regulaly do and then the public can shout from the roof tops but to no avail that to me is not democracy rant over

  • We don't live in a democracy it's all faked to keep that masses subdued. :(

  • I meant the not that.

  • with so much help being given and allowed for the rich and big companies - we could sort all the country's and individual debts out - AND we would have enough left over to really make a positive difference in social and health care ! there is really far more than enough to go round, same with land and food... actually no need for anyone to be poor or starve if it had not pinched in the first place from countries and from individuals .... let's campaign together in all the ways we can for justice generally and not ever fight amongst ourselves for the crumbs from the rich men's tables - they have kept us playing that game for long emough !!!

  • Well said xx

  • With you Julie Kay x

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