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Lung Transplant

After reading through a blog describing how smokers lungs could be used for transplant I became more curious about the transplant procedure, preparation and life impact. This page on preparation appears useful for the curious at least, it may also assist members closer to having such considerations.

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Thank you millstone, I've kept that information,a good site! :) xxx

I had my double lung transplant 3 months ago and I feel very good. You don't need to worry about information in advance as your transplant team will ensure that you are in possession of all the facts and risks before you make your final decision. They also give you the option to change your mind right up to the final moments. The simple fact about smoker's lungs is that is that you will be given the option not to accept smokers lungs, but if you do you are ruling out 40% of adult lungs in the UK. Your transplant team will asses the lungs extremely carefully and will never transplant lungs that have any identifiable issues. You can never be sure of any transplant lung though, there are always hidden risks.

good for you, keep up the good work

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