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Eating and home conditions


Why is it that i can plod about my kitchen and cook a meal and be ok but the second i eat it i am absolutely knackered.and have to rest.normally having to rest for a good hour or so. Also having just read the top ten reason for flareups makes me think. I have dogs so naturally theres pet dander i live in the dampest mouldiest flat going. I have air purifiers going 24/7 plus dehumidifiers as the second i turn it off my flat gets riddled with mould .condensation drips down the walls rotting my carpets and its a nightmare as it cost a fortune with electric to keep them going which i can ill afford but have no choice if i am to keep myself as healthy as possible. Fortunately i get sickness benefit which helps pay for these things but should i lose it oneday then the extra money i get to pay for these things.will be gone putting myself back into a bad position.and will be forced to turn everything off as i wont be able to afford to use them anymore. I am always told by psychologist to not be so pessimistic but i can not see a rosy future however i look at it.anyone else like that

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It is a terrible situation for anyone to find themselves in without having to contend with a lung condition I can only sympathize as I offer my thoughts.

Attempting remedies for each problem individually with help from the BLF helpline staff taking each day as one step with as little concern for the future which is not in your control.

Can Only Plan Daily is the motto that takes these things into bite size pieces, I wish every success in confronting these problems.

Hello Mark :)

Like millstone, I'm in sympathy with you for your poor living conditions. Is there any way you can chat to your local Social Services with a view to arranging a move for you ?

The reason you feel so short of breath after eating a meal is that a lot of your oxygen supply is taken by your stomach in order to digest your food, leaving less for your lungs to work with. This was a difficulty I had, until I realised that eating smaller meals, more slowly, and more often solved the problem.

I hope you manage to get something sorted out in the very near future and wish you lots of luck :) and, again, millstone is correct C.O.P.D. Can Only Plan Daily ....... it saves a lot of worry and anxiety ;)

You must try and get help.Try the BLF helpline.

I had previously contacted the local council about the living conditions of my home however it could be sorted but i would have to move out along with all my furniture as it would be major work to fix the problem as its the very structure of the building that causes the severe mould. I am still paying off my credit card bill as it has cost a lot replacing carpets redecorating etc. My second option was to get a transfer to a new home however as of yet i have not been called up by atos for my health check. I am worried i would put n a transfer and suddenly be called up lose my money and find myself in dire straits financially as moving home cost a fortune whch would all pile up on my credit for the time being i keep the dehumidifiers going (whichwork well) to keep my home dry while i am paying off my card then i will reveiw my situation after my atos health check. I think its sad for many poeple that the extra money they get is the very thing that helps keep them reasonably well. Like eating properly keeping warm and dry etc and then its taken away. As for the eating i will try smaller meals and see how that goees.and thankyou to all you lovely poeple for any advice always appriciated.the ironic thing is i only moved to try and make things better.

Hi Mark, in a situation like this I am pretty sure the Council/Housing association would cover the costs of your move, including carpets and basic decoration etc,. I know it's all so daunting. You used to be able to get hardship grant which were not repayable. And if it's a council property then they are definitely liable for all your moving costs and providing any facilities in a new property that you already have in your current property. Your life would undoubtedly be so much better. Maybe in the spring? Libby

I agree with what you say i did put a letter into the council explaining my financial situation and situation with my health and it would be very much in my favour if i were to move for the long term as apart from the conditions of the flat. It is wright at the top of a hill and as the years roll on it would be very impractical for me to live here as its hard enough now and that i would never have taken the flat on in the first place had i known i had copd and the condition of the flat. I am waiting for there reply hoping they offer financial help. As my condition has become very much worse since living here. I shall wait and see what responce i get..which will take a while as theres a huge waiting list here. Fingers crossed

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Yes referring to my psychogist i thought him a bit strange as i saw him about my accomodation. Before i knew i had copd and when i later found out i had copd he was delighted and said that should really help my moving etc and i live on the outskirts of brighton where there is 10 thousand or more on the waiting vn getting a transfer is difficult for reason i explained a couple of answers up the page.


Hi Mark

So sorry you are having such a bad time.

Re eating a meal.

I think this does three things,

1. If you have COPD then your lungs will be overinflated, this pushes them lower into your diaphragm towards your stomach, a full stomach pushes back so you cannot breath as deeply as your stomach is taking up more space.

2. Eating a meal gets the muscles in your gut more active, this uses oxygen so you need more oxygen just to sit at the table

3. Big meals make everyone feel more sleepy as more blood flows to the guts to absorb the food so less goes to muscles and brain (which is why the 'don't swim on a full stomach' rule exists). So moving about will be hard as less blood available to muscles ... ... and less blood going to brain; so lots of signals from the brain about not enough oxygen ... result .... breathlessness

I think eat less and eat often is the answer as already suggested... snacking ...Yeah!

re the dogs ... I have two dogs and two cats with long hair ... often feels like I'm living in a hair ball!

I have just recently had the carpet taken up and cheap alternative put down (plus small rug for feet warmth) . It means I can get the hoover to suck up the fluff really easily I think this has helped, I certainly don't sneeze as often and seem to not have a constantly runny nose/sniff, also there is much less dust about.

Re the damp .... as suggested get some advice from BLF and see the CAB people or something.

Wishing you all the best


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Thankyou for the advice i shall try eating less this is all new to me as i have had problems for a number of yrs but was put down to other medical conditions i have. So i am still learning .. officially got told i have copd before xmas.after being told theycant find nothing wrong for about 3yrs. But thats because they were checking me for other medical problems to do with other long term health problems and they did not realise it was nothing to do with them. Thats the problem of having multiple health conditions. They always look at the problems they know about and dont realise that its another unrelated condition.

Hi Mark .... I was advised many years ago to get rid of my carpet and invest in warm slippers, I also got rid of anything that took alot of dusting such as fake plants, books , etc. now have the kindle and real plants only and yes small meal do help alot. Maureen usa

Hello maureen yes i understand about the carpet dont keep fake plants bt did have a lot of socalled dust collectors which many i have donated to a local charity .used to be obsessed with car boot sales so i cleared out a lot of stuff. To make things easier to keep clean thankyou mark h

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