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I have recently purchased a Powerbreathe Wellness that I hope will improve my breathing muscles training them for improved breathing with a reduction in respiratory muscle fatigue.

It is still on the lowest settings which makes any judgement of improvement in how my Asthma is being controlled a difficult mess of guess with hope, it has increased my peak flow by 50 points but as my Asthma is normally well controlled by my inhalers any other gains in performance will take longer than two weeks of collecting results before I can be sure it makes lasting improvements.

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  • Interested in powerbreathe for me - it might help. Where can you get one?

  • You can get one on prescription if your doctor agrees, I bought mine as I couldn't be bothered with all to to-ing and fro-ing between gp and nurse that would go on for weeks. Mine was £30. Stitch gave me the link, it comes with a video showing when you shouln't use it Here's the link Annie. I've started on Powerbreathe Classic lr (low resistance). So far, I am very surprised there already seems to be a difference. The fact that you can get model on the nhs is proof that this is no snake oil treatement. Libby

  • thanks Libby

  • Hi

    I have had a Powerbreathe for eighteen months now. With both asthma and bronchiectasis it has been a good addition to doing postural drainage and active breathing cycles every day. The information received with it advises that it should not be used during or following an exacerbation. Just got back to using it again after a really horrible exacerbation in November so am working up from 0-10 gradually.

    Google or other search engine should find them.

    All the best


  • can u tell me what a power breath please..

  • Morning libby, I have just had a fascinating hour reading reviews about the powerbreathe, along with comments from people such as yourself. I have just ordered one, I too have emph and a touch of bronchiectasis, so it will be interesting to see what the effects are. I know the health service is skint, but it seems strange that these devices are not recommended to more patients. It seems to me that they would rather let us slowly poison ourselves over the years with steroids and such than have a one off piece of equipment,. Whatever happened to the old adage , prevention being better than the cure. 8-)

  • I have had a Powerbreathe classic for a week now and am convinced it is already making a difference. It's marvellous that your peak flow has increased with its use Shrug I have emphysema though, not asthma, so is more difficult to gauge definitively, but my breathing definitely seems a bit better. Libby

  • Seems to be Stitch, even though it's only early days, a definite improvement. So a real BIG thanks to you. As one of them is available on the NHS I am wondering why we don't get told about things like this. Anyway, will let all know how it's going after the first six weeks, if I'm still around on here!

  • Off to get my Powerbreathe out of the drawer and have another go after reading these blogs, seems I lack in perseverance. So now on my 'to do' list, which, I am told will help me come to terms with COPD, actually feel exhausted just thinking and writing all the 'to do' daily aims - -------------- but thanks to you for the encouragement.....:-)

  • ha .... sounds like me .... takes a lot of time looking after meds, exercises, reading, researching etc .... so my to do list is essential or I would forget :)

  • I have MS and was getting so breathless if I did any walking and then fatigue hit me - Pathetic! However, after I started using a POWERbreathe it has completely changed my life and I will never stop using it - FANTASTIC!

    I started using a light resistance POWERbreathe in Aug 2010 and could only do 5 breaths at the minimum resistance of I. today I use the Heavy resistance, on the maximum resistance of 10 plus I bought myself a Kinetic 3, I like the more information and statistics that gives me .

    Keep perserving because it will pay you dividends and your quality of life will improve.

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