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Can anyone explain Spirometry percentages please?

After months of waiting to see a consultant which I finally got to do a few weeks ago, I have been given the detail of my latest spirometry test which has left me even more confused.

What does it suggest if the Fev1 and FVC percentages are higher than predicted, surely that is good.

I am going for a HRCT next week because I am told my symptoms are indicative of Bronchiectisasis . Then I will have a three month wait for the next clinic to discuss the results.

Thank you :-)

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Its all beyond me i have FEV 1 of 3.5 which is close to nomarl ... But am *** and my lungs are roting away ... Excuse the langue think its more on how you feel i would worrie about than these numbers


This might help explane

Hope it helps all the best :)


Brilliant link Daz - explains all I wanted to know for my spirometry test on Wednesday - must remember to ask for a copy of it also.




Daz thank you so much :-) in all my searching I hadn't come across that particular explanation.

I see now, although my predicted %s are good (maybe because I walk everyday whatever the weather and stay fit) the thing which matters is the ratio which indicates I have mild COPD.

Things have improved greatly and I feel so much better with no serious infections since I switched medication to Seretite (on the advice of a BLF nurse) .

I should know for sure what is going on after the HRCT which I am having shortly.

Sue good luck with your tests :-)


Thanks Glad A Could Help Al The Best :)


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