whats the point of a blue badge?

i have come to the conclusion that having a blue badge is not that beneficial !

I went to the hospital last week and there where about 10 disabled parking spaces - this is a small hospital with an even smaller car park.

My daughter in law drove me to the hospital and there was one parking space, a disabled one, but a young guy parked in it - i asked him where his badge was and was told to F**K off, i then noticed that the 3 cars parked together not one had a disabled badge displayed.

I went to reception and reported it, unable to breath, and the driver asked me why i was so important!!!!

but what really makes me laugh is that the car park attendant stood in front of the guys car ( he hadn't even got a parking ticket) until he returned and told him not to park there again, no clamp, warning, fine .... nothing

i have noticed the same happens in supermarkets.

On good days i like to collect my granddaughters from school but i have to park miles away because parents park on the single yellow lines close to the school entrance, they do not display a badge of any kind which enables them to park there, and every so often the traffic warden comes along and just moves them on, i have never seen a ticket issued.

i don't collect my girls anymore because by the time i get back to the car i am breathless and tired.

so whats the point of a blue badge?

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  • Not a good experience krazylady, it doesn't take much to show up people's short- comings.

    I had to give up driving and sell my lovely Alfa but found it usefull on many occasions. Now it comes in handy when friends or family are doing something for me. Sorry about your bad experience bet you can think of some good ones tho. Chin up and take care


  • I agree with you krazylady. Super market disabled places are often used by abled drivers. There is one disabled parking slot at our surgery and people seem to use it as a pick up point.

    The only time it's of any advantage is in the High Street of my local town, I can park outside the shop I want.

    Lib x

  • I had the same experience at my local hospital. There are 5 disabled parking bays at the entrance used by the repsiratory and heart patients (nowhere near enough), and two had cars parked without a badge. It was about the ninth time this had happened and I usually sat and waited for someone to return. But that day I was late........and angry. So I parked my car behind one of the guilty ones and blocked them in. They had to come looking for me in the hospital when they wanted to leave and were not pleased. I got great satisfaction from pointing out whose fault it was whilst I very slowly made my puffing way to let them out and take the space. Petty? Maybe. But it felt good at the time! :)

  • i have to admit that's the sort of thing i would do ........ my latest plan is to carry a plastic carrier bag and when a person parks in a disabled bay without a badge i will give them the bag and tell them to put it over their head and walk to the other side of the car park ....... they are going to say something like " i cant do that, for a start i wont be able to breathe " to which i can reply .... but you expect me too!!!!!!!

  • Good one!

  • I agree with you Krazylady. In fact, I had lengthy correspondence with Tesco years ago to no avail, although I see that there public notices. If I see them being misused, I will make a comment, but like you, expect to be told ----- ---. The problem is that a lot of people with cardiac problems have them and they look ablebodied.

    In Cambridge, they have a scheme that you can hire a buggy, and park the car for free. Parking fees in Cambridge are expensive. My husband loves the Blue badge because of the ample parking for his car. He is very mobile.

  • Since I got mine last year I've had some funny looks. I've been able to use the disabled bays at the supermarkets and appreciate that they are a lot closer to the main doors. Because I get out and start walking quite normally the stares start - and often from people who seem just as able. What they don't see is when I've gone a few yards and start puffing and panting, or have had to stop to use my inhaler or simply get my breath.

    These days I restrict myself to walking to the cash machine, because I usually need to get some money out, or the lottery kiosk when it's been pension day. I used to hang on to a trolley and walk round the store, but can't do that any more.

    I have seen people taking revenge on those who park in disabled bays without a blue badge. They got some big computer labels and printed a message on to inform the driver that they were being reported, their registration number had been taken, and that they should not be so ignorant in future. Perhaps not worded quite as nicely as that. Then they stuck it on the windscreen, right in the middle of the drivers side. Great fun watching a young lad trying to pick bits of it off and swearing loudly, as a warden finally turned up and caught him.

    Sadly, a lot of private parking like hospitals and supermarket, is not covered by official wardens as it's not their domain. The private land is just that, private, you can paint yellow lines, mark out disabled bays, even put big notices up about ambulance entrances, but people will continue to ignore these as they know the attendants can't do much about it.

    As you've already found, trying to tell the offenders they are taking a space that you're entitled to use will nearly always result in a nasty retort. If they are brash enough to park there in the first place then they're not going to let you tell them what to do.

  • Ive been past Durham Tesco's at 8.30 on a Sunday morning (closed) and there was about 10 to 15 cars parked in the disabled bays. I cant see them employing that many disabled people


  • In fairness, if the store is closed and they've got the overnight shelf stackers working, the disabled spots are not going to be used by entitled shoppers... As long as those spaces are free for blue badge holders when the store is open the staff are just being a bit lazy.

    My brother used to work for a supermarket on the overnight shift, before they started to open 24 hours. All the staff would park their cars in the disabled spots, because they were near the door and could be seen if someone tried to steal one.

  • crikey

  • I dont have a blue badge and honestly, right now, I don't need one but last week was at Dr's, parked up the road and took my crutches so I could get to the surgery. Our practice has a good half doz disabled spaces and it crossed my mind to borrow one as I was crippled at that point but decided, no, I will use my crutches as I don't have a blue badge. As I was hobbling out, a car parked in the disabled space closest to the doors - a young woman got out, locked the car and went in. I was shocked and appalled, no badge and she clearly was not disabled.

    it is outrageous that physically able people use these spaces because they are too lazy to walk from further away. A day in the life of someone who does need a disabled space should be thrust upon them to show them why 'you' are "so important"

    Hey, your need to be able to breath by the time you arrive in the hospital is why you are so important



  • Hi everyone, snow reached us last night. How I agree that a blue badge is a waste of time in most of the car parks due to inconsiderate able bodied and too few spaces in many cases. But I have come across another situation that seems strange too. A lot of us disabled cannot have patient cars to hospital, while some who use them seem quite able to walk unaided to the car or ambulance at a much faster pace than most of us on this forum.confused is what I am!!!!!!!!

  • I have an ambulance to transport me now, simply because they will not allow an oxygen user to use patient car transport and I cannot drive myself any more. If you are finding it difficult to get to the hospital have a word with your consultant.


  • thanks for reply, my consultant and a hospital nurse agreed I was entitled to patient transport however the patient transport office take a different view, fortunately at present I don't have to attend hospital as everything is under control.My son took me by car last visit but he does not live with or near me normally. Once again thanks for advice.

  • i have to be honest Katie but i am confused about the entire system - they said i couldnt get DLA then after an appeal i got the high rate, i claimed ESA and got £71 a week, i got a letter from ATOS to fill in and duly did so and sent back, to find i was put on the support group! and my money almost doubled, because i have a mortgage they will only pay the interest, which they deduct from my ESA,, i was told that because my ESA was contributions based i could not get free prescriptions so continued to pay for them, to find out that all i had to do was apply for them under the low income scheme, apparently i am entitled to free car tax ( will find out Monday) and then the parking /blue badge fiasco.

    i really have no idea if i am coming or going !!!!!

  • Sounds to me like you need a benefits overhaul! Try having a chat with the BLF and make sure you get everything sorrted out. :)

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