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Additional support for those in need

There seems to be far too many people who lack the support they need for the state of their health. I was describing this site and the community to my Community Matron her advice is for anyone who feels they're lacking the support that their state of health needs is to ask/insist on a referral to a community matron who will soon sort things out.

My name was put forward by the respiratory clinic so perhaps that's a good starting point..

My matron is wonderful - in addition to professional excellence she brings warmth friendship and understanding. Between her and the love and care of my wife I could not be in better hands. Good luck


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Top advice Homebreeze



More info on Community Matrons - dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/gr...

(if that does not work use goo.gl/pf6DJ )

You can be referred by a hospital or ask at your GP surgery :)

I agree wholeheartedly Homebreeze :) Unfortunately, my Community Matron discharged me from her care a short while ago as she said I was coping admirably on my own :(

Unfortunate that it is not part of local health care here it is self referral that is how it happens not wanting any confusion it is a part of local care not being the same everywhere.

I don't know whereabouts you are Bully, but the same should apply through the NHS system. You need to enquire via your own GP or be referred to the Community Matron by someone dealing with you as a patient, like a consultant or respiratory nurse etc.

The leaflet I referred to above explains what the CM does and mentions contacting the GP or the local PCT. If your GP cannot refer you, maybe because they don't know about the scheme, call your local NHS PCT. If you're not sure who they are, you can find them using the NHS search facility :- nhs.uk/service-search - or there's a list here :- nhs.uk/servicedirectories/p...

That's great information Homebreeze.

Lynne xx

hi there lnne .you do have an option to delete after compleating the message. I just did .

Thanks Gordon you seem to be a mine of good information.

Lynne you may be leaning on press send lol

Going back a couple o days I liked the Peter green ref and no not I man he could play the blues

Take care

Elian I'm stunned unless you're doing really well.

I can get in trouble walking to and from the bathroom and eating is a bit tricky - talking is very limited some days. I hope you're coping ok.

Good luck


Posts sometimes say they have not been posted so " please try again ". After doing this the other ones come up ! :) Just delete the extra ones Lynne. :)

yeah thanks for that Gordon57good info......the 57 is that beans or age maybe? ...just joking :)

Actually, year I was born... ;)

lol ok from what I can see you know whats worth knowing .and 55 is a good age to be.keep up the good vertue.

Indeed and I need your love so bad is still the canines @@@@@@@@@

We are lucky to have so many good musicians and bands and a lot from that era too.

I take it you too love the blues when played well - with taste.


Thank you home breeze, I wrote a blog yesterday about the lack of support/care my mum is ( not ) receiving. We are going to GP on Monday so will definitely try to get a referral to a community matron

thanks homebreeze very helpful ...and yes when you live on your own as I do its hard to know what to do some times and worse still is how to manage things, even knowing what kind of help is out there, helps;I do have a community alarm. thanks for bringing that to our attention

I read it poppin and it and others were just what I had in mind. Hope it works out for you.

Good luck


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