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85 with IPF neeed to learn fast


I have alredy left something similar to this on another IPF blog. But need to know fast from all your experiences on how to deal with this. I have been told that I need oxygen assesment to prescribe what level I need. and I have been practising breathing techniques (from the internet) which has helped quite a bit and I understand it will be months before I will hear about classes on this front.

I am not worried about departing after all something has got to get me and I lost my lifelong love and partner in May last year not realising why I was getting so breathless. as her carer she would have been devastated to see me get like this as she thought that I was the only fit one in the family and was planning what we could do in the future, but she was on palliative care and very frail but indomitably never gave up because nobody told her, After a wonderful Life this period was the most rewarding for both of us and we were very ,very close I miss her teribbly but am content now as she is safe now, falling asleep comforabtly in my arms.

Now after hearing all the trials and tribulations you wonderful people are putting up with, that I do not need to curl up and must try to make the most of what is left. I hope it all makes sense

I feel very chastened after hearing all of your problems and wish you all the very best


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Probably a wise move to call the BLF helpline and have a chat with them, 03000 030 555. They usually take a few details can call you back. They can go over many things with you and it is always easier being able to talk one-to-one rather than try to describe things in a message here so others can reply.

That's not to devalue the many blogs and questions we have, there's a lot of very interesting and useful stuff.

thanks gordon57 Dnom

You have a wondeful outlook and I hope I can feel the same way when my turn comes Thank you.

Hello Dnom :) and welcome to the BLF web community !

I'm so sorry for the recent loss of your beloved partner and full of admiration for your outlook on life. I hope you find the solution you are looking for and would endorse Gordon's recommendation for you to contact the Helpline.

Keep on keeping on ............ :)

So sorry you lost your love, you looked after and loved her, now it's time to take care of yourself. My hubby has ipf and I am his carer with the wonderful support of our kids and grandkids.The main thing for you is to take all the help you are offered and then more, its your turn to be cared for, you have done a wonderful job for your wife, so sorry you had to fall ill withthis horrid disease, but take good are of yourself. x

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