Lizzie four months El Nico 0

Hurrah everyone its four months now no fagerooonies. Someone pushed me to the limit today they had been to the dentist to have teeth out so consequently lips all numb and asked me to light a cigarette. My response was you have to be freaking joking. Hope you are all keeping as well as can be in this cold brrrrrrr weather. I am getting pretty fed up with it now. Its not being able to afford to heat my flat that the problem. So, stick another jumper on and keep moving is my answer ha ha. Take care all you lovely people.

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  • Hi Lizzie good to hear from you and glad to hear you are still winning the fight with El Nico.

    Completely with you against the selfish twat who asked you to light the cigarette but remember the urge being so great when I would ask someone for a light -nothing but a form of begging that normally I would be horrified to be accused of -so all part of the culture that we have hopefully left behind.

    I am also gathering up all the old jumpers and worse still wearing them as apart from the cost all forms of heating seem to set off the old breathlessness. Keep cheerful!

  • Thank you for all your support you have all been brilliant - simply brilliant zz

  • Well done Lizzie, you've cracked it xx

    Lynne xx

  • Thank you Lynne - so have you aren't we clever and I am slightly smug I know. xx

  • Congratulations on your achievement Lizzie.

    Makes me appreciative of what I have but it breaks my heart to hear you being so scared to turn on the heating, nobody should have to live being in that position



  • Thank you its brilliant I don't know how I have done it but hey ho 4 months later and here I am - no flu, no bronchitis. Must admit I used to love smoking, but looking at other smokers now I think YUK ha ha

  • My husband was having one of his aspie tantrums and he is shouting at me telling me I am a typical ex smoker

    Damn right I scream back at him

    I am the worst ant ex smoker on the planet



  • Too right carry on being proud its more difficult to give up fags than it is to come off heroin. Now thats a fact, L xx

  • Well done Lizzie, three years last month for me. I still get a craving now and then but it only lasts a nano second and the smell of second hand smoke is disgusting, to think I used to smell like that! Yuck.

  • Yeaaayy!! I knewwwww you could do it Lizzie!!! 4 months mmmmm must have saved yourself hundreds! yeaaaaayy! hope you treat yourself you deserve it, well done!! :D XXX

  • Thank you - can't pretend I couldn't easily light up even now, but I think its pretty revolting all that goes with smoking. xx

  • well done lizzie its nearly 3 months for me now, so we made it, i don't know about you but

    i've no idea how, keep it up,

    rose xx

  • You and me both rose and well done to you too. Am pretty addicted to nicotine lozenges though!!! Still its better than fageroonies. You keep going too its so important - aren't we clever then? Ha ha Lxx

  • Ha Ha yeah we are clever, but you saying your addicted to lozenges, i'm like that with the e-cig its a life saver for me at the moment, but i do really want

    to come off its in time,

    take cear

    rose xx

  • You have both done brilliantly, keep up the good work, 2 years for me on April the first.

  • Well done you isn't it good when you get past the really dreadful crawling up the wall stage, phew thank goodness I have made it through. L xx

  • Well LizzieC, look at you. A none-smoker. A paragon. Someone with will power and determination. Someone no longer a slave to the weed. I bow down in awe. CONGRATULATIONS! Don't it feel good to be the one in control? xx

  • Thank you Aunty Mary. I am not actually quite sure how I have done this!!! But this far in there's no going back now. Not looking for praise. Without your support I would have caved in in the early days. This winter I have been bronchitis free, flu free and its mainly because of you amazing people out there. Its impossible to get that sort of support via a non smoking group or the GP surgery. I hope I may be in the position to help someone quit in the future. I hope you are well and take care L xx

  • I understand exactly Lizzie. When I think about it I can't quite believe I have stopped. But I have, for over a year now! Do you dream about smoking? I do, and in my dreams I am disgusted with myself for starting again, then I wake up and think "thank God I haven't smoked again really"

    Lynne xx

  • No I don't dream about smoking but I look at others and wish they knew what danger they are putting themselves in. I do however think as you Thank God I don't smoke anymore. Lizzie xx

  • Well done Lizzie.

    I stopped last June with the aid of the wonder drug CHAMPIX. Unfortunately, you are only prescribed it if you've unsuccessfully tried everything else & (after tests) if your blood pressure is fairly normal & you have no kidney/liver problems.

    For all smokers out there - PLEASE stop - I was a fool to have smoked for 47 years & now have lung problems.

    Spirometry test is next wednesday so I'll try to stay calm about it all.

    Sue xx

  • Thank you Sue and well done to you toooo. I agree with you I would have stopped earlier, let us know how you get on at spiro next week. Lizzie xx

  • Well done Lizzie and everyone else who has kicked the ciggies habit. I am keeping everything crossed at the moment in the hope that Pete does not have a chest infection. He had a terrible night last night and had to stay downstairs as he kept choking. His throat gets full of mucus and he just keeps right on producing more poor man! Stay well all and keep as warm as you can. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you Sassy. I too hope that Pete doesn't have a chest infection and isn't poorly. Take care both of you. xxxxxx

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