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Another DLA question re Change of Circumstance

My husband was awarded lower rate care and low rate mobility dla last August 2012. This was 2 years after he applied (had to appeal as got turned down first of all) , so this award was based on how he was August 2010.

He seems to have got worse since then, particularly with regards to how far he can walk.

I see on the DLA gov site that if you have a change of circumstance including if your condition has got worse, you can just phone up the help line.

Wondering if anyone has done this and what the process is i.e. is there more form filling, medicals etc.

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Hi, am going back a couple of years, but then you had to reapply, filling in the forms, and were advised that any reconsideration could result in not only an increase in an award, but also a withdrawal of an award. - effectively scaring people into not reapplying for an increased award. I imagine it's the same nnow, although you will probably get some other answers to your question from people who have more recent experience with the process. Best of luck! Libby


They do warn you they can take it away so that is always a possiblity

However, if your husband has deteriorated and his mobility has worsened

But before you decide if it is worth it, find out what the detailed requirements are for the next level of care is.

If he does meet them, then it may well be worth reapplying as it can make a difference in the finances to help take care of him.

You do run the risk of losing it but you can always appeal against that if it happens. Because the people who make the decisions routinely do not have any medical knowledge, it is a bit of a lottery but once you get to the appeals process, you get to deal with people who do have some knowledge which to my mind is the only way fair decisions can be made

Good luck with whatever you decide




i have copd emphysema chronic brinch..., i feel dizzy tired beathless, that is good news love,they change it to PIP, can you tell me more please


Thanks for replies. Yes I read that they can take away the award but then again I read somewhere (cant remember where though) that they are taking away lower rate care and mobility when the PIP comes in, which is only 2 months away. So thought nothing to lose really.

Makes it all feel like gambling :/


Hi, here is a link that was posted by Jo Newton, BLF, a while ago, it will be of interest to you and put your mind at ease regarding DLA/PIP. Libby


Phoning the help line is to determine if you are required to submit a new application or if the change of circumstances is something they don't want to know about. Once you do the paperwork you start afresh and it is possible they can take away benefits that have previously been awarded. I keep copies of my application forms and letters so I can make sure I don't miss anything out.

If he's already on DLA then the change to PIP will be a while yet, they are starting with the new applications first and will re-assess the DLA claimants for PIP later.

If you can get copies of letters from consultants or your GP to verify his decline of walking ability then you're making a stronger case. A lot of people advise getting help to fill the forms in, like the local CAB or similar organisation.


Although I was getting high mobility and low care, when my health deteriorated with inflammatory arthritis I had to make this very decision you are thinking of now. Knowing they can also remove the benefit I had already been awarded, albeit it was indefinite, although on what grounds they could have done this I do not know. I had advice from a benefit expert from Welfare Rights and had a positive outcome.

Hope you have saved a copy of your original application - that's really helpful. As Gordon has said best to get one of the benefit advisors to help from Welfare Rights, CAB, DIAL or BLF.

Good luck whatever you decide.



i have just gone through this process and ws awarded mid rate care which i already had but now given low rate mobility but o the award letter it was all about my depression and being a danger alone nothing about my copd which was the change i told them about but i got a new 5yr award from the original 2yr i sent spiro test results and letters from gp i photocopy everything i send gd luck with your claim


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