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ESA and DLA experiences

12 months ago I was receiving ESA up to the point that I went to see the ATOS consultant. I was awarded 9/15 ponts due to me saying that I could do a job that involved computers and telephony. Baring in mind I have never done this type of work before and my age shows that to this date I am still on JSA. I appealed the decision but they ruled in their favour. I am at the moment applying for DLA as I consider my conditions have deteriorarted in the last 12 months this as been confirmed with my COPD nurse.

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Get advice and help filling the forms in. You have to tell the DWP every little thing. They don't know you and cannot guess what issues you have so it has to be spelled out for them. I had to explain problems I have putting my arm behind me when I've been to the loo for example. Not the sort of thing you'd chat to mates about, but if the DWP don't know they can't take it into consideration.

If you have any medical reports, letters from consultants, bang a copy of those in too. Not appointment letters, but you can ask for a consultant to send a copies of letters they send to your GP to you.

Try the CAB - - I dislike 0844 numbers, they can be quite expensive from some lines, but cannot find and alternative other than an admin only line they have.

Another possibility is Paveways Plus - 01942 519 909 - or the West Lancashire Disability Helpline on 0800 220 676


Wish you luck just keep at them. I just got word back that I failed my appeal tut. Seems 2 years of continuous down ward lung capacity is not good enough, perhaps a death certificate will do ? seems like that's what it all boils down to.

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I've been on E.S.A for 4yrs now and im in the support group (knackers yard group)I used to have a medical but last time I went I had such a bad panic attack that they said they wouldn't/couldn't assess me,this was prior to being told I've got Emphysema ( mrc4/5)at 44!im now trying to get extra help from dla again after they knocked me back 6 mths ago telling me I could walk a 100mts,OHT nurse report stated unable to walk more than"20mts"without getting extremely breathless. This time it took them just"4days"to tell me what they decided 6 mths ago still stood?????in six months my emphysema has got a lot worse so now need alot more help. I even took my forms to a advice centre where there is a lady who fills them out for you and that is all she does everyday, so which part of I've got a terminal debilitating illness do you not understand, it seems to me that unfortunately this is going to be the norm now because they don't want you to have any money or quality of life either. Also programmes that show our servicemen climbing mountains with prince Harry aren't going to help! Most people who are on here don't just have a Lung infection, they normally have more than one condition which makes it a lot harder for us. If you're not 99%dead from the neck down / up then obviously you can still work (not)just tell your boss that you can do an hour or two as you have got a hospital appointment and then physio on Monday, Tuesday half day as another appointment etc so you get my drift. I expect if you provided a deth certificate they'd tell you that you need to be examined to prove that you are actually dead so therefore not able to work after all!!!! Sorry if I've gone on a bit but it's just so wrong that we can be treated in this way by people that don't have a clue about what it's like to live like this on a daily basis. Anyway you take care and good luck with the death certificate lol xx:-):-)


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