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We were talking about breathing

At our Breathe Easy we had a talk about relaxing breathing not forcing it if anxious when the question came up how breathless will you be before oxygen is given. Lucky thing being here I knew the answer with talking about it before some found it hard to believe that it was not for every one there is more work needed spreading the word.

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As part of my treatment at the hospital, the consultant sent me to see the respiratory nurse and she took me through some very good exercises to slow down my breathing and control it better.

I've been a Disc-Jockey most of my life, so was quite a fast talker and used to try-and-get-everything-out-in-one-breath-if-I-could-and-then-stumbled-over-my-words-as-well, then had a sharp intake of breath and started again. Thanks to her I have slowed down a lot and feel more in control now, as well as feeling better for it as I was often short of breath after just a few sentences.

If I do feel myself getting short of breath I now try and slow down a bit more and take care to breath out fully before breathing in fully. Perhaps it's over compensating but it has helped me as I don't get so bad that I need the ambulance. I've been there a couple of times and realise I have to stop myself before I get to that stage.

I've been told my O2 levels are fine and I don't need to have oxygen tanks, which I'm thankful for really. The respiratory nurse explained it isn't suitable for everyone, once again enforcing the words we are all different.


It is a common misconception that oxygen is used to treat breathlessness. It isn't. The air we breath provides the oxygen our vital organs need to stay healthy. It is only if the blood oxygen saturation drops too low (below 88%) that supplemental oxygen is needed to safeguard the vital organs from damage.


The relaxation and breathing techniques (taught to me over 40 years ago, during ante natal classes) have stood me in good stead when it comes to coping with pain and discomfort, especially with the COPD.

I'd recommend them to anyone !

:) x


That's where I went wrong then, I never got pregnant... :P


pmsl ..... you would be worth millions if you had !!! :O


I love where some of these blogs end up! :) Ha Ha Ha


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