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God, who would have thought I would be the one to give computer tips?????????????

Booker said recently that he has failing eyesight and others have mentioned they have trouble reading the small text so I am passing on a tip I was given. I click on the page, then click my mouse wheel and I can then use the wheel to zoom in and out to chose the correct size text. If this does not work with your mouse click on the page, then hold down the control button on your keypad whilst you use your mouse wheel to scroll in and out to find a good text size for you.

Hope it helps.

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  • nice one auntymary :) thank you !

  • You are welcome :)

  • Hi, my hobby is graphic design and I didn't know about that Aunty Mary, thanks! Much quicker than me going to the box in my programme, selecting the view size so I can see something in fine detail, finding it's still too small and having to select a bigger size and so on til I can see it. Magic! Libby

  • Welcome.

  • My hobby is graphic design too! Which software do you use?


  • Think you've got us all playing with our mice now Aunty! Thank you :)

  • There are worse things to play with!

  • On the iPad just the two finger grab does it easy - course everything else expands or contracts too.


  • Forgive me Chris, but I am not even sure what an iPad is!

  • Thanks for that info, some pages have a facility to enlarge print but not all. I usually click on view and zoom in, but it takes a few zooms to get it larger.Doing the mouse bit sounds easier.

  • See, that is how clever I am - I didn't know about the view option!

  • For those who use a laptop but no mouse you can press the Ctrl key and at the same time press the + key. To zoom out again press the Ctrl and - keys. :-)

  • And I learn even more! x

  • This is a great tip!!!

  • It works on my computer keyboard too! x

  • If you want to increase text size permanently on Windows XP use the second option down, where it says " note " , on the link. I expect a Google search will show how to do it for other Windows operating systems.

  • Also on what Puffthemagicdragon has said with XP if you do the following:




    there is an accessibility wizard for you to use, whether you have a visual impairment, deaf or have difficulty using a keyboard, it works great, I set it up for one of my neighbours.

    One would hope Microsoft have continued this in their later Operating systems Vista, Windows 7 or 8.


  • These sort of posts could go into Gordons information bit. :)

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