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Spoke too soon

After my farcical start to the week I thought the week can only get better - wrong!! 10 weeks now since I have had an exacerbation the change in medication with the inclusion of twice a week antibiotic seemed to have worked so much so that I was actually planning a few things to do.

How could I have been so stupid? Easy I always do try to look on the bright side ;) after all being miserable only hurts you because others get fed up of that. Yesterday I started. I was having a lovely conversation with a friend on the phone and I coughed - well once started I couldn't stop and had to end the conversation (I know what you are all thinking LOL)

That was it and today I can't even walk across the room without feeling as if someone is pulling me along by my breath drawing it right out and not letting me pull it back in. I would say it is not fair but to be honest I have had a really good 10 weeks and for that I am bloody grateful and hope if I can get over this I can start planning again.

I know I am so much luckier than a lot of you but I wanted a moan OK and where else could I get away with it so THANKS xxx


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Moan away Janet as long as it makes you feel better its ok, we all have our moments. x


OK Janet .that makes the two of us professional moaning Healthunlockders.Please keeping smiling by looking at my blog posts


Hi Janet my experience over some years is that we improve a bit and then decline a bit in uneven cycles - make the most of the good times and come here and and have a moan if it helps, we're all on your side.

Good luck



Oh, Janet how bloody miserable - you deserve to moan. I moan when it isnt even me suffering with COPD its my husband! The thought of all that feeling ill - makes you feel ill! Try to stay positive - remember how well you have been and you will be well again. Take good care of yourself. Hope you are much better very soon. TAD xx


you`ll pick up again soon i hope, but for now moan all you want

lin x


MOAN! It is really good for you and means you can then feel much better. xx


Oh, you are definitely allowed to moan. If I was allowed to moan about struggling to walk because I have an achilles injury but at least I can breath enough to want to walk, you are allowed to have as many moans as you want when you feel like someone is stealing your breath and not giving it back to you.

But doesn't it make you feel so much better than holding onto it :)




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