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Respiratory Exercise in Gloucestershire- The Right Medicine


You know it makes sense!

What ever Lung disease you have been diagnosed with, there are so many benefits to keeping as well as we possibly can and good diet, postive thinking and exercise all contribute to what is perhaps a limited tho great life!

By the way, it is really easy not to bother at all! Hahhaaaaaa!

Last year (although I had always been quite fit) I deteriorated through the winter, as I had not been able to get out and walk as much as usual. When the practice nurse suggested exercise referral to me I did not feel all that confident that I would be able to manage any exercise at all! And after a course of Pulmonary Rehab and one year of specialist exercise, two-times a week. This winter is so much better,feeling fitter, engaging with life and have a more postive outlook again.

In Gloucestershire we are blessed with 2 Respiratory Exercise Instructors, who lead specialist exercise classes, one in Stroud and one in the Forest of Dean. If you are interested in joining one of these classes then please ask your GP or your practice nurse for an exercise referral where you will be assessed for your capacity to exercise.

Even if you live in an area where, at the moment there are not any specialist (in lung disease) instructors then there will still be an opportunity for exercise referral somewhere local to you. We need more of these specialist services.

So if you are able to change things for yourself and improve the quality of your life, then exercise.

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I understand exactly what you are saying but where do I find the motivation. I was doing quite well up until Christmas when of course they were closed for a couple of weeks, then we had the bad weather, I have even bought a treadmill and the first few days I was very good then it dwindled and have not been on it for over a week. I am due to go to my exercise class tomorrow and am hoping it will give me the motivation I need to start again, been sitting too long and not been out a lot because of the weather but I think that is an excuse as well sometimes.

I need to get my act together to keep well.


Katlover in reply to pollyjj

I look at my treadmill if I don't feel like using you and think I spent a lot of money on you, I am going to use you every day.

Have you tried even taking a very gentle walk while watching the TV just to keep your mind occupied?



PollyP in reply to Katlover

Likin what I am readin here Kat :-)

Katlover in reply to PollyP

I feel sorry for the poor hamsters who don't have a TV to watch while they are on their treadmills :) ;)



PollyP in reply to pollyjj

Hi Pollyjj,

I know exactly what you mean abut staying motivated to exercise at home- a real challenge eh? Would a DVD help do you think? Have you been to a Pulmonary Rehab course? If you have you will have the exercises from there and they need any special equipment. I was waylaid at home by the recent snow and ice for 10 days and certainly deconditioned over that time. Do you have a friend ? Perhaps support each other?

Going regularly to the exercise class and the gym as well has made such a difference to me that it is the improvement in my health which motivates me now,

Do pm me if I can help you further. Good Luck!

Keep fit, keep well ! :)

Join your local Breathe Easy group .They will point you in the right direction to fitness

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