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My husband has COPD, we live in Denmark, he has now got his blue badge, ( here you have to pay for it ) I dont know if you do in the UK, but would like to know if he can use the Blue bagde in the UK, when we move back later this year.

Good day to you all.


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hiya dane

i can use my blue badge in all eu i guess its the same for denmark holders over here.subject to english byelaws being observed

take care




thanks for that, at least he wont have to go through it all again, as its quite a job with all the forms etc.

Take care Jane


It can be used anywhere in the EU.

Here is a link for European use for anyone interested.

Also for worldwide use.


in Scotlan it cost £10 and was no fuss at all,arrived in 1 week. dont need the clock part here either.


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