I have Stage 4 Emphysema

Is it typical to have a constant heavy feeling in my chest and also an ache in my upper back? I have attributed both to strained breathing muscles as my TLC is 204%. As a consequence my diaphragm is compressed and there is not much space left in my upper chest! I am just getting over an exacerbation at home on Prednisolone and Azithromycin.

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  • I'm also at stage 4. No aches or pains or heaviness. Then again we are all different. My TLC is 256.6% predicted.

  • Sorry but what is TLC ? I always thought it stood for tender loving care...my chest has expanded so much I'm going bra-less!

  • i get a dull ache too between the shoulder blades, and also a burning feeling if i lie on my back. Have been diagnosed with copd 6 years ago, but not enphasema . is this normal?

  • TLC is total lung capacity.

  • Thanks, I can't seem to find it on my spirometry printout,how is it determined if you dont mind me askin' ?

  • its another test they do thats called plethysmography similar to spirometry, but obvious a bit more involved. if you look up plethysmography on google it will explain. it wont be on your spirometry printout, because it isnt performed at same time as spirometry, its a bit different.Hope you go on alright.

  • Thanks again sheepdog, you learn something new every day.

  • huffer - I have given up on the bras too.

  • Thank goodness I'm not the only one :)

  • thank you sheepdog for answer to hufferpuffer .... you get 4 point :)

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