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diagnostic enigma my consultant said.half the diagnosticians say its uip(aka cfa) , the other half say dip

they are agreed after 2 biopsies that i dont have cancer , oh now taking steroids and related stuff in an attempt to find out which half of the team could be right. does anybody know if it makes a hill of beans difference which it is? i still cant breath or be confident of getting accross the road.i kind of switched my ears off after they told me i had 4 years tops so dont really know whats to come, all i know is ive gone from sporting mad to barred from unsupervised cooking within 6 months.

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Non medical person,I have COPD,and a lot of what I now know about my health has come from our fellow members on this site. Six years ago I was told that within a year I would not be able to walk across a room. That sort of attitude ,of course, increased the anxiety and the breathing became worse and worse. I was prepared to slide down the slippery slope to oblivion......and it did not happen. I listened to the members and followed thier advice and asked questions and said 'I want' instead of 'oh o.k.' I don't understand the abbreviations you have used but I am sure someone here will. Give the BLF helpline a call, they will talk you through any questions you have and guide you forward. Just a thought....if they don't know what's wrong with you how can they say how long you have, even when there is a clear diagnosis you cannot pluck a time scale out of the air. Chin up, keep warm and dry and try to relax. ps. drop your shoulders and sit up helps!



ah,right,abbreviations lol.

uip =usual interstitial pneumonium,aka cfa =cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis

dip =desquamative interstitial pneumonium.

or stiff lung!

oh , and im no quitter,faced imminent death since age 11 with my heart ,they told me then in 1971 that i might make age 30 so ,pinch of salt and all that :),just wondered if theres anything i should know that i may not have been told.

i sleep upright ,cant bend down and have this really great gadget called soxon so i can put my socks on myself. little things that people find important lol


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