My revamped supermarket,are these smells good for COPD sufferers?

I don't know if your local out of town supermarket has changed yet, but what a shock I had when I walked into my regular store after a revamp.

.......It has an automatic water mister to the fresh vegetables and salads.Just before it goes on ,you hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.It reminded me of how things always smell and feel better after a summer shower.

When you pass the milk area,you hear the sound of cows mooing and there is a smell of freshly mowed hay.I could imagine myself there and then walking down a country lane in the summer with a farmer cutting his grass nearby,and the cows chewing the cud.

In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal grilled steaks with oinions.

Oh my memories of those balmy summer night BBQ's

When you approach the eggs,you hear hens clucking and cackling.and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.I was reminded of the bacon and egg butties my Gran used to bring us in the summer when we were helping the farmworkers in the fields.

The bakery features the tantalizing smell of fresh baked bread and cookies.Memories of walking past the village bakery on my way to school,the smell wafting into my nostrils.

Is this the way forward for all food superstores,I don't know?


I forgot to say





...........................I DON'T BUY TOILET PAPER THERE ANY MORE!

Richard Cornish


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  • I have just laughed so much my parrot has fell off of my shoulderxx

  • Is is a Norweigan Blue? Lol!

  • Hee Hee pretty maggie Hee Hee funny maggie

  • You little monkey Mr.King of the Cockatiels. I shall have to called you "Ham" instead of Cockatiel from now on (first monkey in space), "ham" suits you well! Lol! Libby

  • Sticks and stones----------! Call me what you like, but keep tuning in please.

  • Ha ha, I will! Libby

  • Your right King, Where is it all going to end. I do hope we don't get to the point where they have muck spreaders rideing the toilet paper ailes, thats a shopping experience I could do without, Phewwww!!!!

  • Are you trying to spread the word????

  • If they had the smell of a milking parlour then it would not sell dairy products, a cow can do four things at once eat, milk, pee and s*** at 4.30am that smell would put the kybosh on yoghurt selling believe me.

  • Being brought up on the farm I have to disagree with you.All farm aromas are beautiful

    and as nature intended them to be.The smells are certainly better than some of those created by a lot of humans!

  • Could you hear the sound of the gallops as you walked past the burgers? neigh,neigh! :D X

  • Topical cheeky puffer

  • I was brought up on a farm too and yes all farm aromas are beautiful. You had me believing you KOTCTs for a while until I got to the cows mooing.

    Lib x

  • Well you know what cows are like libby! OUCH

  • God I am so slow today. But I get it now>>>>>>thick woman...this way lol xxxxx

  • Just a bit slow

  • I was getting worried until I got to the end. I am a vegetarian and a lot of the smells would put me off!

    But the way things are going they do try to brainwash us into buying things we do not need.

    Thanks for the laugh I needed it


  • Glad you laughed

  • marvellous lol

  • Thank you !

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