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Life in the 1950s - Final Part

Eggs were fried or boiled

We had not yet benefited from such gourmet delights as pot noodles, Instant mash and muesli

Food hygeine was about washing your hands before a meal

Baguettes were a serious problem the French had to deal with

Offal was only eaten when we could afford it

Seaweed was not a recognised food (except in Wales)

Chees only cam in a hard lump

People who didn't peel potatoes were lazy

Ready meals only came from the fish and chip shop

Sauce was either brown or red

Rice was a milk pudding and never, ever part of a main meal

Leftovers went in the dog

Lynne xx

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Seaweed was and still is very popular in North Devon as well !Just a passing comment.


In the sea?


I didn't know that, but the part of Wales where lava bread (seaweed) is often from is only just across the water on the Gower.

Lynne xx


When I was a kid, I used to go down to Fremington quay picking seawood with my mates. We would take it home and had the task of washing, washing, washing it again over two or three days. My mum would then prepare the laver(lava bread) for her bed and breakfasts guests to go with their breakfast.People always queried it ,but after tasting it they fell in love with it and always wanted some to take home when thety left.I miss it so much!


Hiya Lynne, thanks for these again. My cleaner came today and we spent more time laughing over these and our own reminiscences that not a lot of cleaning got done! I'd rather be laughing than have a pristine house any day though. So very shortly they will be spread far and wide, hope there isn't a copyright on them! Libby


Have really loved reading all these facts and fancies from the past Lnne.

What about granny's answer to everything the kaolin poultice

Segs on shoes *even new ones*

All us children after school crowding round the tiny cobblers fascinated by his mouthful

of nails and that lethal looking "last" (Mick the Cobbler getting chanted at him -poor soul)

The leerie (lamplighter)

The coalman being warned "no slates"

The local bobby giving well deserved slaps to the back of some heads and that was the end of the matter -some of these schoolboys ending up doing well in life


Segs! Ha ha ha. It was testament to how much walking we did, more in the 60s for me than the 50's having been born in 1952. New pair of shoes, segs on immediately, otherwise we would be permanently at the menders and that wasn't cheap! No wonder there weren't many overweight teenagers back then. I'd never have asked my dad for a lift because the answer would have been "shank's pony" (walk).


I think the saying is it wasn't like this in my day!!! You made me smile. The wonders of technology are not so wonderful and tin rice pud is not the same taste as old fashioned cooked in the oven with a brown skin on it. However without technology we could not communicate so fast with each other . Have a good day everyone



Thank you for a great laugh, I've really enjoyed your observations from another era.

When life was hard but good. I remember my dad (the local bobby) coming home and saying to my mum, so and so got a clip around the ear today for scrumping apples. In the country we didn't have any crime really, so scrumping and scrambling was about it.




Lol!! And after the clip round the ear, you'd get home and somehow (no phone!) your Mum and Dad would already know about your 'run-in with the law', and you'd get another clip from one of them!! Does anyone out there remember 'Eiffel Tower' - it came in a triangular box, and you added the lemonade crystals to water!! We thought it was lovely, at the time......

Jude xx


Hello Lnne & everyone, thank you so much for starting this off. I've really enjoyed reading the posts and remembering alot of what was shared. I for one am so very sorry to see that this is the final part. Once again thank you so much :)


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