Post PR Assessment

Hello everyone

Had my post assessment yesterday and I'm very pleased with myself so I thought would have a little brag.

On my pre PR assessment I walked 270m my pulse rate was just over 100 and my blood gas about 93ish after the walk pulse shot up and blood gas dropped and it took 1 1/2 minutes to go back to normal, and I weighed 6st 5lbs (always been small) BMI 15.

Yesterday I walked 280m pulse rate 75 blood gas 97 after walk my it took 45 seconds to return to normal, I now weigh 6st 11lbs BMI 15.5

I just hope I can keep it up. Nurse told me 30mins exercise a day, I have bought mini cycle box of weights and leg weights did first lot today sos wish me luck.


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  • Be proud girl :)

  • Well done you now keep up the good work.... :)

  • Bloody marvellous! Well done. Just remember how good you feel now and keep it up! TAD xx

  • Good for you

    Lib x

  • Wow result - good on ya Kim xxx

  • Great news, well done keep up the exercise :-)

  • That is great news, well done. x

  • Great stuff. Well done ! :)

  • Well done kimmy69 .All other healthunlockders take note Pulmonary Rehabilitation does you good and makes you feel good

  • That is amazing and completely fantastic. Well done and be very proud of yourself.

    Lynne xx

  • Awww you've done fabulous kimmy, I'm sure with your determination you will keep it up! I'm looking forward to more good progress reports! :) xxx

  • I was gonna start by saying a mahoosive well done kimmy but then I got to the 6stone bit and got insanely jealous so I'm not gonna say anything just sulk lol!

  • Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. And Tanyamarie I forgive youI feel the same way about people who can put on weight believe it or not. Lol

  • Fanflippintastic Kimmy- keep it up, it makes a huge difference longterm . Well done you!

  • what a difference that makes to you :) I am on waiting lost so looking forward to it.

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