Yesterday I woke up at aprox 5.30 am gasping for breath and I was getting very panicky.I felt very cold but before calling an ambulance I was able to control myself using techniques that the nurse has taught me.The central heating had stopped working.I phoned British Gas who I have my boiler insurance with.The kind gentleman who answered said I can see you are on PRIORITY ,he then proceeded to ask after my health and did I require any assistance?By this time I was feeling slightly better ,thanked him and said no thank you.He arranged for a service engineer to be with me ASAP. The engineer arrived 2 hours later and what was thought to be a simple problem ,was not and took him 2hours to fix.However he was very kind to me and my wife and showed great concern for me.

......................................................JOB DONE

I would like to say a big thank you to British Gas because I think as is said '' They went a lot further than the call of duty''.


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  • How nice to hear about good service I always say speak as you find but too often people only ever criticise and never praise when a good job is done

    Hope you are feeling better now


  • So pleased you got it sorted fast , what a lovely change to have people that do a good job and care about their customers . I hope you are feeling better now and breathing is a bit better . Well done British Gas . :-)

  • Really good to hear that you can get great service. Maybe you could send an email to British Gas to thank the engineers? Hope your breathing is a bit better and you are feeling OK. TAD xx

  • That's a great story. Perhaps when you have the time and feel recovered you could write to them and let them know. We all tend to be ready to complain, but not to praise.

    Lynne xx

  • Good for BG engineers, hope you're OK now.

    Lib x

  • Oh dear! Get better really soon, KOTC love Annie80 x

  • Glad you are feeling better King. xx

  • I'm so glad you are alright now,BG are wonderful looking after you,my house was only 9C this morning but I've managed to warm it upto 12C now, I've got bottled gas but am afraid to use it up! xxx

  • Sorry to hear your not so good, but glad to hear BG were so good maybe the heating problem made your illness worse. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Thank you all for your kindness.The King of the Cocktails is alive and kicking again.

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