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diagnosed two years ago with copd and things getting more difficult by the day. have had about eight exacerbations over this time and take emergency steroids and antibiotics for this.

Can sometimes only walk a few yards and then have to stop.

This can also lead to icontinence.

How embarassing. Need some advice please.

Consultant discharged me over a year ago

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You might benefit from talking to the wonderful people at BLF. They can advise.

Although I have not done it myself, many get themselves onto a PR course. This will help you find out what you can safely do in terms of exercise as well as lots of other helpful things.

I am sure others will be along to tell you more about it.

Lynne xx


The short answer to your question is as much as you safely can. Have a chat with your GP or consultant and they should be able to give you advice on what is a safe level for you. Lynne is right about the PR courses. If you can get a referral that is good. They not only talk about exercise but also demonstrate exercises that will help and you have the opportunuity to practice them under their supervision. You also get a lot of information on how to manage your condition. Good luck.


I was told yesterday by the consultant "Take as much exercise as you can", getting breathless isn't a problem, just stop, get your breath back and then carry on until you need to stop again (5 steps, 10 steps, a mile - whatever).

It seems I am doing something right after all!

Seems odd that you were discharged - talk to your doctor


Hi Sandypark,

Coooo, life sounds a bit tough for you?

I have a number of thoughts for you, which hopefully will help you.

When did you last have your condition and medication reviewed? This should happen every year.

If you need you need a review by a respiratory consultant then request one from your GP.

Ask your GP or practice nurse for a referral to Pulmonary Rehab and an exercise referral. Ask if there is local respiratory exercise group

Yes, do speak to someone on the BLF help line.

Do you have a local Breathe Easy group.

Incontinence? Do ask this to be addressed also, and there is lots of information stress incontinence, if brought on by coughing, on the Internet.

And do keep in touch...

Best wishes,



You sound as if you need more support than you are getting. I had to ask but my husband was referred to the specialist respiratory team which really helped him - referred to the pulmonary rehab course (which I believe saved his life!) because not only did it help him to understand the importance of excercise, he was taught how to excercise safely and given lots of information about COPD which took away a lot of fear and helped with his self management.

Please ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise.

Unfortunately I have found that we have always had to ask for help with COPD from the Doctor - it is never just given to us. We had to become proactive and keep asking for help so that your quality of life is as good as possible!

TAD xxx


Thanks everyone for all your advice and support. Was feeling a little low when I first put this message on.

Will definately follow up your advice.

Good to know there are people like me around and willing to listen



Hi there, sorry to here you are feeling so breathless most of the time, 2 years diagnosis is not very long for you to be feeling so rough, you don,t say if you are a smoker, I was diagnosed 7 years ago but did carry on smoking until 6 years ago I gave up, I did feel like you most of the time and I understand the feeling of incontinance, I am 62 and feel so much better than I felt back then, I do get as much exercise as I can and do feel the benefit from it, the more I do the better, sometimes I need to slow down to get my breath back but I never thought I would be this much improved after such ill health a few years ago, I too think you might benefit from PR and talk with someone who understands, I do hope things get better for you soon ,take care xx



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