Viral chest infection

Hi, has anyone with COPD ever had a viral chest infection and how long do they last?

I understand antibiotics are not effective for a viral infection. I have the symptoms of a nasty chest infection but the sputum sample came back negative and I was told by the COPD team it could be a viral infection that will have to run it's course.

Many thanks

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My whole family had a particulary bad viral chesty cold over Christmas and New Year which they got over within a couple of weeks, of course it put me in hospital for a week and it lasted around a month total, Typical but thats how it is for us weak chested folk. Its different for everyone and your copd team are right as it will have to run its course. Good Luck sirjames and I hope your clear in a couple of days!!

Hi,I've had a chest infection for the last 12 wks,can I use menthol crystals for this.ive had numerous antibiotics which yeah don't work.i had the crystals before and seemed to ease it before we went to Benidorm,which incidentally I never suffered at all till we got back and with a vengeance.

Hi SirJames

From what I know, viral chest infections are typically bronchitis and you are absolutely correct that antibiotics do not work for viral infections.

As dall said, how long they last is a bit of the how long is a piece of string question.

The only thing I would say which you probably know anyway is if what you are coughing up changes or you get worse, then go back to your Dr so they can keep an eye out for anything that might be bacterial and need treatment

Hope you are feeling better soon though



infection is caused by bacterial infection in bronchial air ways ,i have 3 flare ups ayear iam supplied wih a emergancy pack ,,,,,,,,a crash course of prednisolin...8 .....5mg tab;a day for a week ! plus an antibiotic ,i was on amoxil ,but my system was getting to used to it iam now on clarithrmycin..[klaricid ] ,my most recent attack was 3 wks ago ,10 feb'my tube are clearing now,,,,,still coughing up a wee bit ,but big improvement......hopefully ican put my nebuliser to bed for a few months now lol on the ''road again'',,,,,,,,,,till the next time hope this was helpfull

Hi everyone.......i would like to advise anyone who is having a chest infection or such problems.try Boots menthol crystals.they are really good they do help a lot to clear your chest.i have found them really helpfull........I learned about them on this site.........thanks to whoever posted about them .they are really good .they cost from boots £1-50 all you do is put 2 or3 christyals in a bowl of boiling water cover your head with a towel and inhale it really does work as i have COPD and they are the best thing i have bought and they are natural.......hope this helps.Wyn

thank you will try that

they will relieve your tubes but not shift the infection

I will try this I have emphysema COPD I have lung infections all the time I have a week with antibiotics then I'm not bad for a week then I start again .i have just finished a corse then in too week I will be of again

Hi,I have COPD and have a chest infection that ended up viral,I have had it now for 11 weeks,doc has recommended these crystals so seeing this has given me a bit more hope thnx.

Thank you all for your comments - much appreciated and I'll definetley get the Boots crystals,

Jim :)

They are very good but take care that you do not put too many in as they are really strong.

polly :-)

Thanks Polly :)

Hi yes i agree with your COPD team as i have this complaint and had a few chest infections and had to go on antibiotics after the course i felt better GOOD LUCK

getting some bless you love jude


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