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Moody Monday!!

It is just gone 10 am and already I am pulling my hair out. I thought when I retired I would never have that Monday morning feeling again - wrong!!

I had a terrible night but there is nothing new in that so really no problem. I heard the paper arrive at 6.45 so thought I might just as well get up, so went downstairs opened front door to get milk with paper stuck under my arm - big mistake - milk falls out of hand falls on edge of door, bottle breaks half inside, half outside milk everywhere.

By now gasping for breath but thought b****r it it can stay like that for a while I need my coffee and ventolin. By now I am actually really gasping so decide to use the nebuliser first (after I made my coffee never to poorly to make that!)

Set up my Nebuliser and sat happily breathing as well as I can when I thought there doesn't seem to be anything coming through so I switched it of fiddled around a bit and tried again, still nothing ); At this point looked away from paper and down by my side there was one of my lovely cats sitting quite happily chewing through the tubing!! After a few choice words disconnected and put a new tube on. So there I am breathing quite nicely now when the phone rang I swung around to grab it, fell of the chair and banged my bloody funny bone on the edge of the table - it was NOT funny!!

So guess what I am going to do now NO I am not going to despair I am going back to bed to get up again only this time I will get out the other side!!

Have a "good" day everyone


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Oh dear, what a saga of disasters but you kept your sense of humour. Think we all get days like where nothing goes right. I have been doing some household tasks, but it takes so much longer and I get breathless. i reckon spring is on its way and the sunshine is showing up everything. love Annie80 xx


Jandan brilliant to hear I am not alone in dropping things at the very worst times the mobile is my best one for crashing to the floor when it rings and gives me an anxiety attack i.e. how will I be able to phone an ambulance which I've never had to do yet whilst I cant even get the sim card back in place. My very worst day of the week is a Tuesday, it was a Monday before I retired. I don't tell family the half of it as it's only people on this forum who really understand. x thanks for your lighthearted slant on things!


Look on the bright side jandan - things can only get better from here on ! ;) xx


Things can only get better. Even if I'm on my last legs like you I'm never too poorly to make that first cup of coffee. Couldn't you have got the cats to lick the milk up.

Lib x


last week was my bloody monday, I knew at the time i would laugh at it, but at the time, well, picture the scene, 4 am the burglar alarm started screaming, I ran down to turn it off to find there was no electric to the box and none of the buttons worked, put the light on , guess what , the lights are on the same circuit, so at 4.15 am I am in pitch black, in me nightie, balancing on the kitchen units trying to get the battery out of the main box, which I couldnt because the box had been placed face down on top of the units and wouldnt turn over, we had to wait till the battery ran down which was almost 7 am, the boiler had blown and took with it all the things on that circuit, luckily the plugs were ok so richards oxygen and stair lift were safe,but he had to stay in bed till the engineer came out because it was cold. I apologised to all the neighbours, and now I can laugh at it, but not then, oh noooooonot then.


Ha ha, I can just imagine this happening to me! I went into a bad mood 5 years ago and have never completely recovered! Grrrrr. I have found though, I don't know about others, the slower and more carefully I do things these days (because I have to), the more prone I am for things to go wrong. Hope you were able to get someone to clear up the mess Jane, a bit dangerous when you're wobbly anyway? Libby x


Oh dear, you gave me such a good laugh at your expense! Sorry(not realy)

I think we all have those days,when we wish we hadn't got up!! But yours realy took first prize! Hope the world has righted itself by now!!

Love Wendells xxx


Monday morning go for a ????


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