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If you feel neglected by your GP - change your GP!

I have never smoked,and not around anyone who does smoke!

I had to change my GP(hospital's and Consultants advised me to change GP) to get help with my Asthma. I had not realised how bad my GP had neglected me until I changed GP I now have Asthma/COPD and wonder if I had not been neglected by my last GP could the COPD been prevented?

My new GP and staff could not do more to help me they are all brilliant and fantastic. I also have the support and care from brilliant team work. Rapid Response, Matrons, Paramedics, Nurses. Hospital. Thank you to all of them!

If your GP is not helping you find a new GP that will. There is good and bad in every profession!

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The same goes for folks who are seeing consultants they do not have confidence in for one reason or another and who are not giving them the best treatment and are not supportive. This malarky needs everyone to work as a team for you to feel as well as you can and deserve.

Really glad you changed gp Ellyroze and now have a very proactive team. Good on ya.



If you are thinking of changing your GP it's quite easy to do, as long as there is another doctor you can sign up with. Worth checking the local surgeries to see what postcodes they cover. There's a GP finder service on the NHS site at

Citizens Advice give this info:-

There are also helpful pages on NHS Choices:-

and a real life story:

From personal experience I know what a difference it can make. When I first moved to this area I signed up to the first practise I found, which had about 7 GP's in once centre. It was more like a conveyor belt in a factory. You had a limited amount of time, appointments took 2 weeks to get, the doctor's I saw didn't seem interested, they just grunted and shoved a prescription at you.

I had an argument with one over a minor procedure I needed. I'd been listed for it at my old hospital, before moving house, but that was a different area. The new GP decided it was expensive and they could not afford it in their budget for at least 7 years. I went ape and complained, they simply threw me off their list! I got the NHS PCT to help and they found my new doctor, I was signed up within a week of losing the old one and I've nothing but praise for the new surgery.


you are so right cofdrop, you just wonder how many others have been in this position but because they don't know what to do they carry on with inappropriate treatment.As Gordon57 says as soon as you try and stick up for yourself you are struck off, then on your notes you are classed as a difficult patient.

I am so happy with my GP now, I am getting such good treatment and support - it's a breath of fresh air - excuse the pun :) if only I could get a breath of fresh air,haha! as we would all like to have :) I have my first breath easy group tomorrow, which I am looking forward too!



I was diagnosed with COPD and was very seriously ill for13 years.I moved to Nottingham,went to City Hospital and was diagnosed with heart problems which were not helping my lungs.Pacemaker installed,heart and lungs a lot better.If I had not had this second opinion.I would not be here now.Four years on and feeling a lot better.


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