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Natural Cleaning Products

I asked a question about commercial cleaning products which are causing me problems with wheezing and shortness of breath. I had some wonderful responses and thought I would do a little research. The internet can be a wonderful thing!

Both are excellent sites for learning to make your own household products and most products you will already have in your cupboards.

Please let me know how you get on, if you decide to start making your own or if you already make your own. I believe we will all benefit from trying this out and maybe BLF will put it on their site for future reference.

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vinegar, I have always been a great believer in vinegar, its a natural antiseptic, a natural anti bacterial, it cleans, sanitises, and is harmless if it gets on to any food, plus a slurp of cider vinegar a day does the digetion good and keeps throats clear.

Realy good sites witty, now all I need is some elbow grease and an oz of energy! ;)

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