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who do you find inspirational?

since finding this site i have made some incredible friends - but who inspires me ?

Val ( miss ya loads)

Amagran - she is so amazing, has a fantastic spirit, does so much and has the most supportive attitude, an absolute saint, so funny and always smiling ( and lets face it looking after someone with COPD is no mean feat) love you to bits Gran xxxxx

Gordon - good advice and the best sense of humour, cheers me up when im down, gives away my secrets ( i swear they are my real boobs ) my secret lover !!!!

Stitch - ( i call her ariston under my breathe) she goes on and on and on - no way is that woman gonna let this disease get to her - she gives me strength and courage to get up off my fat A**e and do something.

Zoee - always there for support and advice

I have found these are the people who have inspired me most = who inspires you?

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I don't think any of us 'do it' for praise, more that we can probably help others out with words of advice or whatever help we can give, and the humour that we often need ourselves - otherwise we'd probably crack up!

It's a good thing that there's so much input from people who know what it's like, as they have the same conditions or problems and can relate to the many issues that arise. Well done to everyone who gives their time and support so freely :)

I'm afraid to say Zoee has left the forum.

i know hun - just feel its important to add all the people who have been an inspiration - sadly Val has left too but lets face it she was an amazing inspiration to us all xxx

Lovely to see you Krazy. It's been a while!

Lynne xx

I am humbled, thankyou so much, and you too stitch. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What do you mean Zoee has left ??? it's such a shame, She has so much common sense and good advice the give. I feel bewildered about what goes off on here as I come on regularly but never see the comments. :(

My beloved wife, who taught me what love was all about and who reminds me every day.

You inspire me Homebreeze, you have a great out look! xx

Who inspires me - most people that come on this site. Names become familiar and I begin to build an image in my mind's eye. With Gordon, Colin Firth comes to mind - maybe a little older. I hope Gordon approves, otherwise I'll be thumped. I think Judi Dench and Helen Mirren are around.

Colin is the same age as my younger brother ;-)

My daughter Shelley. she was left with serious brain damage as a 6 week old baby now at 27 she allegedly has the brain age of a 10 month old baby she cannot walk can only say about 6 words and is severly autistic, however despite all this she is always smiling every one who meets her falls in love with her, she has a smile that could light up the world,. at the moment she is having tummy problems but without the gift of speech she cannot tell us where the pain is and why she has lost her appetite ,she is going through yet more scans and tests but does everything with such grace. However bad I am feeling at least i can tell people, she cannot . I just think of her and the way she deals with her daily problems and it inspires me to keep on. I adore her.

BLESS you LMLMD, That is inspirational. thanks for sharing it.

You are an inspiration and a lovely Loving Mother.


true inspiration xxxx

What a brave lady you are, very inspiring story, makes us all realize how lucky we are, your daughter is a very special young woman.

Teigy xx

Ditto xxxxx

I find inspiration from everyone that comments on this forum-you are all amazing.

I was diagnosed with COPD in August 2010-I take all the inhalers and medications doctor has proscribed -I dont smoke and am still able to work -I get very short of breath and have panic attacks-I have had 3 blue light episodes since diagnosis but I know a lot of you have situations much worse than me and I admire all of your positive comments and advice-I actually visited doctor a few weeks ago and asked when will it get worse,when will I start to struggle- I am 64 now and wonder if I will be as brave as you guys.


Hello Stan, I was diagnosed with copd 6 years ago and am 62, on inhalers and sometimes steroids and anitibiotics for infection, I think I have got a pretty good quality of life compared to some people I hear about who sound really quite poorly. I do get off days but feel lucky and I like to think I have a good few years left as long as I take care, I feel you have may have a long way to go too, I have been advised when I have panic attacks to breath in to a paper back, haven't tried it yet as I have been ok but I will be prepared and try it, I don't know if anyone else has tried this.

Keep well


Sorry stan meant to say paper bag!!


Hi Stan, you don't mention family nor friends whose support is always a help. I'd say you'll manage the panic attacks, we all have them to a greater or lesser degree but you will find the inner strength to deal with it ill be bound.

Some things that may help:- sit down not lie down lean slightly forward so that gravity helps to open up your lungs a little. Try to slow both inhale and exhale down - exhale is important as this is how we get rid of CO2. Trust yourself you can do this. Best of luck.


Thank you all for your kind words Shelley is a real joy and she talks with her eyes and her lovely smile.If that makes sense. I call her my little earth angel. She is an inspiration to every one who meets her .Beautiful inside and out. xxxxx

all of you guys is my answer. I have only to ask a question and it gets answered with care and affection. This place where we can and do help, support and inform each other is soooooo great. xxx

ditto julie and your own informed input is invaluable

Your Shelley is Blessed to have you for a Mum,you truly are inspirational! There are some wonderful inspirational people here and I could name at least 20 famous people and my family of course but the one I would choose beside yourself, Lovemelovemydogs is Malala Yousufzai who was on the news today only months after being shot in the head by the taliban saying how she was going to continue her campaign to see that all children get a chance at education, she is only 15 and so brave.

My husband Pete inspires me and that is why I am his carer and still his wife of course. Krazy is a great inspiration too as are Amagran, Gordon, Daximad, Rose, Zoee and everyone else because without you great people, I would not feel as included and no longer alone. Illness can drag everyone down and seeing someone you love so very poorly is heart breaking but you wonderful people have made me see that I am no alone and that really helps. Amagran was the first person to reply to me as she is also a carer and a grandmother. Let us all keep on with the support, kindness and welcome to others and this forum will just go from strength to strength. Wishing everyone well. xxxx

Malala Yousafzai the 15 year old girl shot by the taliban. What a remarkable young woman, after all she has been through launching the Malala Fund to support education for all girls. She has been nominated for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. X

I find canal chris, king of the cocktails, both informative and amusing in a broader sense. Onwe in a while john wr pops up.

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