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Supporting Zoee

I have not been here very lung but have always found zoee a helpful and knowledgeable member welcoming all with a warm open positive spirit .

With some sadness I contributed too a blog that asked for zoee's return this has since disappeared with no crime committed that I am aware of.

As a new member I have taken time reading back through older posts and notice that on previous occasions members such as Gordon57 or lindierose have felt they should leave but been persuaded otherwise by numerous friends in this supportive family.

Supporting zoee through a difficult time is the duty of friends.

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here here -

i haven't been on for a bit so have no idea whats happened but have noticed that the "trolls" seem to target those who are either most helpful or at their most vulnerable.

Its such a shame that these ill intentioned people have the mentality that they feel the need to hit those who are the most knowledgeable and i now realise the truth is that they need to feel superior to those who are actually able to help those in need ...... the only way to do so is to try and demoralize and degrade the most helpful and at the same time doing nothing constructive themselves.

i actually feel sorry for them because all they seem to do is gets jollies from a person in need of help being slated........ so sad really,

the truth is every single one of us on here are better than the trolls could ever wish to be its just sad that the people targeted feel they need to leave the site because all it does is stops those in need of help and advice from getting it.

Zoee, Auntymary and Gordon are some of the best people on here and i reckon the bottom line is...... jealousy!!

Totally agree.

Agree with support for zoee not derailing a blog hopefully

here here

We don't know what's happened, she might be away. she will get support from us whatever. xx

Well, I'm still here, although not as interactive as I used to be I guess. Auntymary is still here too.

However, Zoee has deleted her account and it's not really about being targeted by trolls from what she said at the time. For those who saw those comments I have to say I feel the same at times, but I decided that you can't let one person ruin things :)

I've sent her a message away from this site, but no response as yet. There are people who are paid to look after the site and sort out problems, we're not, yet there are those like Zoee who put in a lot more thought and time for nothing. Yes, you get support from fellow members and that means a lot but I do wonder what the logic is behind some of the things that go on here.

A wise understanding of the feelings involved when misunderstandings bring confusion into events. A time when all those that have received support can repay with supportive comments.

Glad you are still here, sad that Zoee isn't. x

Zoee was a very supportive and helpfull member of this community, I miss her input.


Lets look at this way -- there are vulnerable people on this site who come to meet their friends. If something upsets them for whatever reason, they disappear because they dont want any more hassle in their lives. Just possible that Zoee might be reading this and have second thoughts and come back. We hope so, but she needs to want do so. Really good that Gordon has returned, but wisely he isn't in the front row any more.

My support is not dependent on agreement with opinions only on need and is freely given for an active supporter of the vulnerable. It would be a sad loss if there were not room for such a person here and negative comments win.

The word support would not go amiss

Certainly I had hoped for support for zoee if it could be expressed in terms that would aid a return the forum clearly wants.

I haven't been on this site for very long and don't make comments very often but I did take an interest in the long drawn out blog that is being referred to. I have since had to enquire what a troll is (I thought it was something that went over a rickety rackety bridge!) and have to say, in my opinion, I saw all the comments that day and did not see any comments that would label anyone a troll, only various people disagreeing with others (it would be a perfect world if we all agreed with each other!) I didn't see anyone being "targetted" but I did see the very unfortunate comment Zoee left for another new member though (which has now been deleted) and it was shortly after this that she made another unfortuate comment about the moderators and said she was deleting her account. George

Hello Stitch, thanks for your reply. Obviously I didn't know that and assumed (never a wise thing to do!) it was to do with the palava the other day. Am shocked to hear that there are such people who will keep coming back over a period of time just to upset another person. As I say, we all have different opinions on things and even though many of us share the same condition, it will affect us in different ways and we should all be tolerant of others especially as none of us are in the best of health. Thanks for putting me in the picture. George

I assume the deleted blog was mine. I have had no notification that the blog was removed and this is the first I've heard of it. An explanation could have been given, even in a private message, but hasn't been.The mods should bear in mind that it's the members who make a forum. Without us there wouldn't be one.

Indeed it was receiving e- mail notified me that a reply was posted bringing a notice that the blog no longer existed.

No explanation here for the disappearance only the feeling that zoee should know that support was here from those who care.

Politeness seems to spring to mind. If a reason was to be given then other posters wouldn't make the same mistake in the future. I don't see the difference to mine and this one to be honest. It's just a blog to air our feelings for a nice member who has left.

I believe we share the same intentions that a valued member of the forum should not ever feel there is no place here for excellent advice.assistance or support.

I'm just catching up as I've been away this weekend. I won't comment on the rights or wrongs of all this, but I do miss Zoee and her contributions.

Lynne xx

If you see this blog Zoee, know that you are missed. x

When I first posted hear zoee advised me only respond to posts that interest you and do not be drawn into arguments with troublemakers that will spoil this place.

Could there be a time when as Gordon57 has found there is enough confidence for a return at any level of input that feels safe away from argumentative writers.

We have lost valuable advice and the only winners are the ones that would drive her away, that is so wrong it cannot be allowed for all our sakes.

I spend most of my time on this blog gathering all the great advice instead of commenting but i too wish that zoee see's this blog and comes back as i miss her great imput on this site. Maureen usa

I agree that Zoeee's contributions were a valued addition to the site, but she made her decision and I'm afraid we'll have to abide by it, but that doesn't stop me hoping she will change her mind :)

If zoee is looking in I hope this will show how valuable positive contributions have returned the support that was at the heart of a generous spirit.

Missed by many please return to the good work that benefited the whole forum.

Come back Zoee if you feel you can as you are very much missed. Don't give in and let negativity knock you down. It must be so hard if you have endured wrongdoings in the past. I have no idea who these people are, and nor do I wish to, but I do know a good person and that is you Zoee. You have always been so supportive and kind to many and given out great information so I am offering my support to you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

What have I missed is there a clear explanation that will clear away the fog that hangs around this talk of leaving has left is going to leave.

A valued member zoee has felt there is no place on this forum, deciding that leaving was the only choice that would cause no further upset in a forum where so much work had been carried out supporting fellow sufferers.

She had a grievance with the modding. I can see why when they have deleted my Zoee blog without any explanation in public or private. i am an administrator on a general forum and one thing we do is respect the members and also do not delete things because we don't like it or disagree with it.. We normally delete if there has been a complaint.

I will add that some of the moderators are also at the end of the Helpline and do a wonderful job in that respect.

Where's my tin hat ? :)

Thank you. :)

A special member of a supportive forum Puffthemagicdragon ther should be no fear of doing the right thing in honest not argumentative posts. It will surely pass a positive message of support from those who are able to make their feelings known.

Hope you feel able to come back soon Zoee but totally respect your decision until then.

Don't know what's happened or know you personally but in my opinion you would not

take the decision lightly and to the rest of us that decision is rather worrying. Just

hope you know how much you are valued

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