This Might Seem A Mad Question ... Or Upset Those Of A Sensitive Nature

As Anyone Pulled What Looked Like A Piece Of What Looked Like Silicone Sealer Out Of There Nose

A Kid You Not Just After My Last Infection A Was Coughing Up All Sorts ... Well Apart From The Kitchen Sink And Or Anything Of Value

But Yes Puled Some Mucus Or What Ever It Was - And It Was As Thick Of A Line Line Of Silicone Sealer It Was A Foot Long And Clear I Was Totally Amazed

Yes As Bad As It Sounds A Had To Wrap It Round My Hand About Five Times And It Didn't Snap Or Out

A Was Telling My Respiratory Specialist How It Was Just Like Silicone Sealer But When A Pulled It Apart I Was Like Cling Film And You Could See Lots Of Triangles

He Told Me A Was Very Lucky I Had Gotten It Up And I Should Of Saved It For Him To See

But Yes For Those Of Week Disposition OBV Am Going To Mess With It As Its Like Natural Phenomenon :)

But It Was Amazing And Made Up Of Lots Of Triangles When I Pulled It Apart It Just Looked Like And Acted Like Cling Film And I Could See How And Why I Had Serious Breathing Problems

5 Replies

  • Mine is nothing like yours I don't think as I haven't messed with it. However, it come's out like a piece of long string, as I pull it out it I can feel it coming from way deep down and it makes me heave as I am doing now just thinking about. Uggg!

  • Forgot to say it doesn't come down my nose, I cough it up. :(

  • not for the faint hearted. I was happily eating blueberry jelly and condensed milk when I read this. Way above my head. Will leave this effusion for the intellecturally inclined.

  • Sorry Annie80 , I think we are just mucusly challenged.

  • A Would Agree With Gillyj Last Statement :P

    Sorry About Your Blueberry Jelly Annie80 But There Are Some Things You Just Have To Get Of f Your Chest :)

    Thanks For Your Comments

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