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Many thanks to BLF for education and support

Hi, I've not been around on here for a long while now. When I first joined, I wasn't in a great place 'headwise' and was struggling to get my head around my illness and the possible consequences for the future as my illness progresses. With the help of some mild antidepressants and the fantastic advice I received on here, I went to pulmonary rehab, it was fantastic and not only did it help me physically, it also made me realise that there are worse off than me and that positive thinking really REALLY does help, I'd say as much as medication.

As soon as I stopped pretending all was well (I would refrain from socialising as I was too embarrassed to let people see how bad my lungs were as I smoked fr years) and accepted my condition, it helped so much. I was putting unnecessary stress and pressure on myself and when I let people see my condition AND more importantly, how it needn't stop you from doing a lot of things, I just need to account for it and keep stopping when I need to and go at my own pace, it really does help! i know others possibly aren't so lucky and have worse health problems but I can't stress enough how keeping a positive attitude really does help. I had convinced myself I had lung cancer, despite the fact that I am not by nature, a worrier but when I got my negative xray results, I immediately felt a weight lifted and breathing was already easier, yes, I still have copd and my lung function tests are not great but I am lucky enough to know that the more I worry and decline from doing things I used to, the worse I become. I also got a blue badge and this also helps 'pshycologically and physically' and takes some of the pressure off me.

So thankyou to all of you for your kindness and support for all those newly diagnosed and STAY POSITIVE!

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I'm so glad things have worked out well. I am convinced that a positive attitude makes a huge difference.

Lynne xx


Hi Northernlass nice to have you back in circulation.See my blog posts for some humour.Have you joined Breathe Easy?



As soon as I was diagnosed I told my family, neighbours, shopkeepers, etc, and still do tell people. I just hope that by doing so it may stop people going down the same route. It also helps when I see people I know as they don't take any notice of me puffing away.


Glad to hear that things are taking a turn for the better for you northernlass....... long may it continue ! :) x


great post and glad you have found info here that has made such a difference to you. x


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