Ohhhh I,v got my dander up

What is it with this country???? it's ok for people to live in poverty, for the disabled to be forced into work or commit suicide, to be forced into living in over crowded housing, to que at food banks, to be homeless and jobless, you know what I mean. But on the news I saw a vicar saying how disastrous it would be for the government if they allowed gay marriage. Come on! lets get our priorities straight, two people declaring their love and commitment to each other, where is the Christianity in that??????

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  • Calm stress is not a good thing even God has Sundays off.

  • I know stress is not a good thing bully but getting angry at stuff proves to me that I am still alive and still a thinking woman. Well most of the time anyway. :)

  • I'm with you in the angry stakes gilly. I can think of many disastrous things the government has done, and you have stated most of them, but allowing gay marriage if that is what a couple want and having women bishops wouldn't be on my government disaster list. As you say priorities!

    Bully I thought Sunday was his busiest day:-)


  • Pray tell what is the american way of things? Maureen usa

  • I can understand your dander being well and truly up gillyj as this country makes me mad at the moment too! I think whoever wants to get married and wherever, good luck to them but lets take care of our poor, elderly and children please. We are cutting back our fine Army, cutting our Police and making the poor and less abled pay for everything they could not originally afford! Why? Even my son is having to re-apply for his own job and may not even get it. He has done a great job up to now but that seems to count for nothing all in the name of cutbacks. I need to have a lie down now! xxxx

  • WHY?WHY?WHY? Don,t forget the poor ole Prime Minister is only worth £30 million.He must therefore surely understand poverty!

  • I don't understand what religion has to do with the government. It should be left to the faiths involved to decide.

  • Yes we are living through tough times,it will be a matter of survival of the strong-minded.They,meaning the government ( who 'got in' by default) usualy throw in a 'red-herring' when they're upto some skullduggery...what next I wonder? perhaps they are planning on turning the Olympic Arena into a lion pit to throw us all into! I can just see that pompous ass with laurel leaves wrapped around his big head! :(

  • Perhaps it should obligatory for those at the 'top' of this government to walk in the shoes of someone who is ill, disabled, and/or living in poverty for a month or two, maybe then they would understand, but would they care?

    polly xx

  • Hi Gilly

    This disastrous government has shown that coalition (at least this coalition in this country) only allows two rich weak men with no understanding of ordinary people in Great Britain (and remember that also applies to the Miliband and Johnson) to act on their crackpot ideas. Ideas which mean little to most of us, and ignore the real priorities - the economy and the banks; the health service; protection by the police from violent crime; protection by the forces and intelligence services from our enemies abroad and terrorists infiltrated into this country.

    And let us not forget corruption in our institutions - most importantly Parliament itself where thieves can be demoted and later brought back into government instead of being jailed; the press and police, both tasked to promote integrity and uphold the law; the churches of all stripes who are riddled with paediphilia and protect the perpetrators instead of the victims, with extremists of several faiths encouraging murder via the bomb and bullet.

    My distress is caused by the fact that I can find little to respect any more - only individual people, sometimes in organisations but often alone, who are kind and honest and community minded.

    If this is too political and might cause trouble for BLF I apologise - but you really got my dander up too.


  • Agree with all the above .I wonder what percentage of the population are effected by this ,I cannot understand what the fuss is about ,one good thing about it ,it's stirring up the blue rinse brigade the corneal blimps are up in arms ,nothing destroys a political parties image as fighting among themselves ,so let the buggers get on with it,it further reduces their chances of winning the next election ,and god forbid that'


  • Historically if a right wing political party has a weak hold on political power wants to get away with something and increase their power base they appeal and stir up peoples resentment and bigotry and point the finger of blame at somebody else whilst dipping their hands in the cash box.

    This is how Hitler did it ,it is how thatcher did it and now it is working for Cameron, a lot of the decent organisations in this country are now afraid to speak out as they will then be targeted as a soft spot defending the scroungers, this again is how it was done in Germany in the late 30,s early 40's

  • we need to get involved - let your anger and a sense of injustice motivate that - or it's just grumbling.. you have power, whether signing one of the petitions (as per success of our nation's forests) ; writing to your MP; demonstrating if you can (eg like people in Cumbria stopping nuclear dump) We have more power than we think, it's the apathy and manipulation of people in the first place that brought us to this. We need to stand up for each other not just for our own group. The lesson of history eg in Hitler's Germany is that groups need support from others outside their group - whether disabled, gay, trade unionists, jewish, travellers, etc etc etc. Hitler tackled a group at a time without enough people outside of those groups others fighting for justice. Hence te poem that ends 'and then they came for me' Apparently 1 in every 8 Germans did object very bravely - that just was not enough...we need all people of goodwill expressing their disgust at what is happening here and now....otherwise kids growing up now can surely ask us in the future 'why did you let this happen?'

  • I'm in good company then. I have been on marches in London and signed hundreds of petitions to no avail and shall continue to do so. I can't just sit and do nothing but an running out of ideas. :(

  • Thank god ,there are still people out there who can see what is happening,we have to fight every way we can ,raise awareness ,don't let the daily express.the daily mail ,and that excuse for a newspaper the sun ,dominate peoples thinking .This rotten government knows that they need this propaganda to turn the electorate against us .

    Do not give up hope


  • Thatcher engineered the Falklands crisis to get her a second term, supported by the disgraceful Murdoch tabloid the Sun. At least Camoron can't do the same as we've no ships or aircraft left after the cuts. Don't trust him on a Euro referendum as that's just a ploy to keep UKIP at bay. This is truly the worst government I've ever known. Thatcher turned the Met into a state militia to batter the miners and her protege is slashing away at the weakest members of our society in death by a thousand cuts. He's already admitted that even deeper cuts will be needed in the next spending review in order to protect other departmental spending plans. If this crowd get another term in office then I fear for this once proud nation.

  • You what it all comes down to one thing, the government want to bully, your'e all right about making people do things that they are not able to do, the policies of the rich and idle, spend and loose whats not yours to loose, then point the finger at the people who do not avoid work but would do work if they could.

    Yes they point the finger because they beleive if you shout and point the real issues can be deflected.

    Yes go on bully all the more and shout at the country, because the louder the GOVERNMENT get the more deaf people become and when the people can nolonger hear, thats when they see more and the more they see the more they understand.

    Don't let them get you down, just remember every thing they do and when the time comes vote them out at each and every election.

    Take care


  • Oh thank you for getting back ro me. Yes it is a shame and i hope in the near future it will be addressed so all americans are covered.

  • Quentin Crisp once said that - In Britain the system is friendly but the people are hostile and in the USA the system is hostile but the people are friendly. Makes you think.

    Bev x

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