Has gravity got anything to do with lung performance? or, ( with respect to the Almighty), is their a "Design " fault here ? !!

Some time ago, BLF printed a series of three photographs in their magazine , which I have pinned up in the kitchen, entitled "Positions to ease breathlessness." The first shows a man standing, leaning forward , and holding on to the the back of a chair , so that his back is slightly arched, The second one shows the same man sitting down on a chair, again slightly forward with arched back , with elboes on his knees, and the third picture shows him sitting at the table, leaning forward with his arms crossed on a pillow, and his head resting on his arms , in a sort of "Sleep" position" - and again his arched back to achieve this position, So the question is, do the lungs perform better in an Arched position rather than in an upright position when standing virtical ?.These positions help me when I've got to the puffing stage, for whatever reasen, and I 've found when coughing up mucus leaning over a table with a bowel, hands on table to steady yourself, - again , this arched position of the back, helps the mucus to rise up easier than keeping a straight back, and splutttering into a tissue or handkerchief, hence not so much against gravity . - Any views folks? - and if hav'nt tried these positions - have a bash - you've nothing to lose, except that damned mucus, which you don't want anyway , and some good air if it does work for you ! .-Best of luck - Vittorio.

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  • Vittorio, when in hospital they told me leaning forward take's the strain off the lungs, by moving other organs out of the way, so you are able to breathe easier. I find when I'm really breathless and I lean forward after time my breathing eases.

    Cass xx

  • I have found that when I am in a supermarket it helps if I push the trolley even with my wife. I take the lean forward slighty position. And it helps a lot. It takes longer to get out of breath that way. Some use a kind of zimmer frame for walking. I am using oxygen when out so put the pack in the trolley and am then happy to walk around with my wife in the supermarket.

  • Do you think it has something to do with walking upright as opposed to on all fours as we did back in the neolithic age!

  • occasionally I go all neolithic - on all fours going upstairs helps :)

  • Thanks folks ! my Vet once told me that a dog / Cat and other animals breath a little faster when standing upright on their back legs, hence AGAINST gravity, so " Caroleoctober" may be nearer the truth to this phenomenom than we think !!, only difference is animals don't smoke, or at least I don't think so, although my moggy did once, years ago get hold of one of my LIT ciggies from the ashtray, - wish I'de had a camera at the time ! and walked around the room with it in his mouth for a while, so you never know what they get up to when we're out ! ..

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