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Hi there. I've possibly asked this question before, but here goes again. I am having an intermittent problem of staying awake. I had a reasonable nights sleep but I am now really struggling to stay awake. My O2 sats are 94% on air and my heart rate is 114bpm. This occurs randomly, I can be fine one minute then the next I'm falling asleep without warning. So far, I haven't been able to get anyone give me a reason for it. When I was in hospital recently, the Dr in A&E was constantly having to keep me awake whilst they were trying to treat me. This, unfortunately, is not something that has started since my hospital admission, it has been going on for a while now. Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing it? Thank you in advance. Take care, Richard.

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  • Hullo, Richard, -- Life is too short without wanting to sleep all the time. I think it important for you to seek advice straightaway. Maybe you will need blood tests etc so see your GP and be insistent. If you fall asleep in his surgery, he wont want further proof. All the best from Annie80 x

  • Hi Annie, very true, I only want to sleep at night when I'm supposed to, or if I've overdone things and feel the need for a nap in the afternoon. Even when I was in hospital nothing was mentioned even though the Dr had to keep me awake. It's really frustrating. If I can't get a result from my GP I will ask my BLF nurse to see what she can suggest, she's really good like that; I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes. Take care, Richard.

  • Have you been tested for sleep appnia?so sorry I don't know how to spell it and my spell check is of no help at all with this word. Just hope you know what I mean. x

  • Hi Gilly, I do know what you mean. I haven't been tested for it, it has never been mentioned. I think a nurse once mentioned CO2 retention but nothing further happened; I'm non the wiser! Take care, Richard

  • Sleep apnoea can result in feelings of intense tiredness and falling asleep at random times. You can speak to your GP and ask for a test.

  • Thanks, I'll get in touch with him next week.

  • Richard, if your sats are 94% on air, I think it's unlikely to be CO2 retention as sats drop really low (mine were below 80 pre-diagnosis of CO2 retention).

    I'm of the same mind as gillyj and auntymary, and thinking of OSA ...... obstructive sleep apnoea. Maybe the BLF nurse will be able to advise, especially if you're getting nowhere with your GP :(

    I hope everything work out for you soon :)

  • Thanks Elian. I was uncertain because my O2 levels are good, mind you they normally are, even when I'm ill. That's confusing also. I think I'm just an oddity!! Take care, Richard

  • Mine too Richard, always the same no matter how ill I am!

  • Hi Richard, this happens to me too quite often and I suddenly cannot stay upright one second longer and have to lie down and am asleep within seconds. I believe your body tells you to sleep for a reason and I just go along with it. In my opinion, it's doing me absolutely no harm, and probably does me good. It also sometimes happens to me after I've eaten (and I don't eat large meals) I just can't keep my eyes open. Don't forget, our bodies use up energy far faster than a healthy person, a small task to us is like someone "normal" running around the block a few times! Even eating uses up energy in the digestive process. It doesn't bother me at all but always best to check with your doc though if you are concerned. Libby

  • As soon as I read your post my thought was sleep apnea. Most certainly worth getting it checked out.


  • At first I thought it was the effect of reading through Hansard, but you say this has been going on a while.

    I've been reading about the ATOS debate and it's made me feel very sleepy...

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