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Hi Everybody,

I'm 64 & stopped smoking in June 2012 after my beloved Brian died from oesophageal cancer.

Since stopping, my breathlessness has got increasingly worse & I wheeze as well. This only happens on exertion, so I have started on the road to diagnosis with chest xray & on the wating list for spirometry test.

Initially, I've been very panicky about all this & having no-one close to share it with. However, reading some of the positive comments the BLF site provides is very uplifting & I hope to be able to participate with equal qualities.

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Hello and welcome Sue. Well done on stopping smoking. I would be asking the GP for a referral to a respiratory consultant to make sure the diagnosis is accurate as some conditions are easily confused by non-experts. Good luck. Auntymary xx

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Hi Sue, and welcome to the community. Hopefully you will find this community supportive and helpful with any questions you may have. Take care,Richard

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Welcome Sue,

So sorry to hear you lost your husband so recently but well done for giving up, I am 4 weeks in and you should be so proud of yourself for stopping.

you will find lots of information and wonderful support here and you will also have some laughs too.

Keep us informed about how your tests are going too and if you need it, use the BLF helpline, they are brilliant.



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Hi Sue

Welcome and well done for stopping smoking I hope your doctors/clinic works quickly but don't worry too much even if you are diagnosed with something it is not the end of things.As you can tell from reading through some of these posts as long as you keep positive you can get through a lot and all of them on here are great at lifting spirits and giving advice

Good Luck and fingers crossed for you


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Hi Sue well done on stopping smoking things and my breathing initially got worse after stopping but after 7 months of not smoking I feel better than I have done in years Well done and good luck x

remember you are never alone with the lovely people on this site. x

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Hi Sue and a very warm welcome.

So sorry to hear of your dear husband's passing.

Hope you get a diagnosis soon. Please let us know how you get on. Good luck.

Love C xxx

Thank you to all who have left comments & welcome greetings to me as a "newbie".

Do you reply individually or leave a comment as I'm doing now?


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When you have a lot of replies I would think it's easier to answer us all in one go.

Entirely up to you. :)

Hi Sue. Welcome to the engine shed ! We're all a load of Puffing Billies ! :)

Hi Sue, I am also on my own so understand a little of how it is for you. This community is very good at supporting and caring about each other not to mention offering sound advice so please stick around. xx

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Hi sueworsley64 welcome loads of nice supportive posters here.

It has all been said, sue, but welcome to a friendly crowd.

Hi from me too Sue. Well done on giving up smoking, that's a very important first step. I ave been smoke free for over a year now.

Lynne xx

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Hi Sue, welcome, sorry for your loss. I hope that you soon have a diagnosis, you have done the best thing in giving up smoking, well done! Im sure that you would benefit from Pulmonary Rehabilitation, ask your GP or Respiratory Nurse to refer you. Lots of information & support on here.

Best wishes

Jo :-)

Thanks everyone for your replies - you're a wonderful bunch of people who have cheered me up immensely.

Kindest Regards,


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Welcome Sue.look me up for a bit of humour to lighten your day.


Awarm welcome Sue, great news on giving up the ciggies,best thing you could have done for your health,I'm so sorry about your Brian and I hope you drop in here often,take care,Carol x

Welcome Sue and well done on quitting the fags, I quit in October 2012 and am 61 had a spriro test and apparently am mild COPD and my GP said she is not over worried about it. Take care Lizzie

My 1st husband also Brian died of cancer at the head of pancreas, so I do understand, the feeling of aloneness is bad, but, each of us is truly here for you, just try very hard to live in the now, love jude

Hi Sue welcome to the site. Hope you get the diagnosis soon and thats its good!

Bev x

Hi Sue, Like you I've had the chest x-ray and have an appointment in May for a spirometry test. I'm 60 and I gave up smoking in 2001 after 30 years and growing up in a very smoky environment. Then sometime between 2007 and 2010 I developed a cough that I referred to as my 'boomerang cough' as it kept returning. Then in recent years I found a cold-type virus would knock me for six. Just recently I've been getting increasingly tired and breathless and the cough wouldn't go away at all. I live alone and my family are all 100+ miles away. My best friend is looking to move to a small town that's over an hour away by train and I'm getting zero empathy from my boss, who seems more concerned about the pressure on her that my absence is causing. My mortgage is due to finish in August but I'm frightened about how I will manage financially if I do have to give up work. However, having read all I could on the NHS A-Z site and through that coming on here and reading other peoples' comments has really helped me too. So hello to you and everyone else.

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