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Do I need to see my GP?

I have suffered from asthma for many years and was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apneoa in 2009. I saw my consultant at Respiratory Clinic this week, (sleep apneoa check up) and after discussing how things have been, he said that he was pretty sure that I now also have COPD. Given my history, that I am a smoker and a family history, I was a high risk for COPD and I am now exhibiting signs and symptoms. I am registered disabled due to above conditions and other health and mobility issues. My question is, do I now need to see my own GP to get the diagnosis confirmed? Would I need treatment straightaway?

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Short answer is yes get a diagnosis as Asthma is another condition with it's own treatment if COPD is confirmed treatment will need adjusting for the new condition.


You could speak to your GP but I would suggest you speak to your consultant about doing proper tests as your GP would, or should, refer you to the consultant for proper checks.


Thanks for your replies. My consultant said he could not do the tests as I only see him for the OSA. So I guess I will need to see my GP to refer me for the COPD tests.


The other thing you need to do is stop smoking.

Lynne x


I know I have to stop smoking. That is something else I will be asking my GP about. I tried previously but had allergic reactions to patches. I cannot use the gum either as I have severe digestive problems and the gum disagrees with me. I am going to try the electronic cigarette and hopefully that will help me stop.


Just stop smoking NOW. Then you can tell your GP. Dont bother to ask him, he will say a big no. What you need to do, rileys mum, get the right mind to stop smoking. You can and should stop now. I stopped without any aids. I took one day at a time. Alive at the end of the first, and tried a second. That was back in 1998. The money saved was spent on a treat, and not patches and gum. ALL THE BEST


Thank you for all the replies.

I recieved a copy of the letter that my consultant sent to my GP. I have been busy "translating" the terms used, lol. Most of the terms relate to my Apneoa and Asthma.

The consultant has suggested a spirometry as it has been 2 years since my last test, but there is no mention of COPD, only poorly controlled airway disease, which I would assume refers to my Asthma? The consultant suggests that if the spirometry confirms airway obstruction that my GP starts me on TIOTROPIUM.

I am still not convinced that I have COPD. I have just had a very bad cold, and although my Asthma was slightly worse, wheezing etc, I did not feel any more breathless etc than usual. I have been left with a productive chesty cough, but that is par the course for me following a cold.

I am expecting a phone call from my GP surgery to make an appt for spirometry etc, hopefully I will get some answers.


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